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Michaelmas 1997 Termcard

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Special Events

Termly General Meeting

The Turf Tavern - 12.30pm, Sunday 4th Week (2nd Nov)

An excellent excuse to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the pub. Come along to present your visions for the future of RPGSoc, air any grievances and keep up to date with society news. What? You need another incentive? How about. Free jelly babies!

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th Week. (7th Nov)

This term sees us staggering round the centre of town:

* 7:30 The Turl
* 8:00 The Wheatsheaf
* 8.30 The Chequers
* 9:00 The Three Goats Heads
* 10:00 The King's Arms
* 11:00 The Turf Tavern.

The FLRP Event: A Masked Ball

Saturday 5th Week (15th Nov)

There are rumours in Brandel of a forthcoming Masked Ball. This will be an indoor in-character FLRP event. Don't worry if you don't have a regular character, just talk to Chris and he'll sort one out for you. Time and venue TBA.

The Vampire Event: Dia de Los Muertes

Saturday 6th Week (22nd Nov)

This year Oxford holds the festival of the dead. Undead and mortals alike will celebrate the rebirth of the city, and all are invited to the party... This will be a role-playing event and party open to all. Come in character or as yourself; come along to role-play or just to party (ignoring the stranger people around you). From 7:30pm 'til late, venue TBA.

The Christmas Party

Saturday 7th week. (29th Nov)

Let your worries drown in a sea of alcohol, and the end of term float away in a haze of lost memories-flashing lights-pulsing music-silly costumes-dubious punch. The joint party with OUSFG has got it all. Fancy dress is optional but there will be prizes. From 7.30pm 'til late in the Corpus Christi New Music Room, tickets from Robin Adams.


Other Stuff

Extraordinary General Meeting

There will be an EGM sometime this term to vote on serious amendments to the society constitution. Further details will be supplied soon.

Bulk Order - If you want to stock up on role-playing material and like the idea of a 10% discount, then get your orders to Lim Han before the end of third week to join the bulk order at Gameskeeper. As a member you also get a 5% discount whenever you shop there.

RPGSoc Library - The library (or The Luggage, as it is more fondly known) is currently living with Archivist Lim Han so please contact him if there is anything you would like to borrow or see added to the collection. Any donations will be gratefully consumed.

Nightflyer - If you feel that RPGSoc isn't tapping your full artistic and intellectual potential then why not write an article for nightflyer. Anything vaguely printable will be gratefully received. Please submit stuff ASAP to Felix Geiringer, Magdalen College.

Brandel Bugel - Articles to Reuben Wright Regular Events


Keble ARCO Building - Every Tuesday at 7.30pm

Action, adventure, scheming and mystery in a galaxy far, far away. The formerly warlike Aamei, the peace-loving but well-armed Helyans and the technologically advanced but insular Illisthians meet with scavenging Skithrass, fierce Dalamar, and downright slaughtered and no longer in the game Plantains. Living in the shadow of the powerful Imperium of Zhan and under the watchful eye of the evil metal-plating New Empire, the bold inhabitants of Omicron space station are the last best hope for civilised space. Here warriors, heroes, businessmen, and used car salesmen mix with master diplomats, military commanders and used car salesmen. With 15 races, 3 sexes and a great deal of very vivid colours in one place, something's got to give. GMs: Robin Adams, Corinne Berg, Stephen Jessop, Philip Reicherstorfer. With special guest star GM Ben Bose. Now with tasty vittels.

Games Night

Regular venue TBA Every Thursday, from 7.30pm
Venue will probably Keble Pusey Room.

We don't have a regular location at the moment but for 1st week it will be in Lincoln Lower Lecture room. The perfect opportunity to socialise and engage in board games, card games, one-off games, and ICON plotting. Who knows, you may even find time for a few drinks!.

See also the rules for the Magic: The Lactose Intolerance tournament.


Shottover Common Odd Fridays at 7pm

FLRP as you should know stands for Fantasy Live Role playing. It is known to others as hitting each other with swords in the woods but that is only part of it (we also use maces). If you're interested either come along or e-mail Chris Venus or look at the web page. Meet in Chris' room in Keble (which is Staircase H2 room 03) at about 7:30 on odd Fridays, although the first game has moved to Saturday of 1st week. The games this term will be:

* (Saturday 1st Week) - 3rd - 4th level
* Friday 3rd Week - Fresher game
* Friday 5th Week - Fresher game
* Friday 7th Week - 5th level game

Anyone welcome, wrap up warm and come if only to get some chocolate. A couple of quid towards the minibus is, I'm afraid, necessary.

Vampire: degeneration.

Friday 2nd week and then even Saturdays at 7pm

For five long centuries, Oxford was at peace, a centre of power and prestige for the vampires that hunted there. Now it lies shattered, the mortal population devastated, the Kindred reduced to a fraction of their numbers. The Kine wake from nightmares every night. The city is open for those strong enough to seize it. The Kindred flock to the streets by night. Let the rebuilding begin!

Vampire is a game of personal horror set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. New players welcome. To be held Friday 2nd week, Saturday 4th, 6th and 8th week. Venue TBA. Saturday 6th week will be the Vampire Event.

The RPGSoc Committee:

As solid as the river Ankh.


President: Tony Short as Captain Vimes
Lincoln College, or 13 Museum road, room 2. or Tel. 554523

Secretary: Liz Smith as Granny Weatherwax
Balliol College, or The Shadow Gallery, 71 Cricket Rd.

Treasurer: Robin Adams as Gaspode the Wonder Dog
St. John's College, Tommy White Staircase 5, room 3

Social Secretary: Andromeda Wood as Constable Angua
St. Catherine's College, or Firetop mountain, 9 Cricket Rd. or Tel. 437417

Campaign Organiser: Steve Jessop as Ponder Stibbons
Lincoln College, Staircase 16, room 7

FLRP Organiser: Chris Venus as Rincewind
Keble College, Staircase H2, room 3

Nightflyer Editor: Felix Geiringer as The Librarian
Magdalen College, or Valhalla, 69 Bullingdon Rd.
Tel. 726410

Archivist: Lim Han as Twoflower (and The Luggage) Corpus Christi College, or 68 Banbury road, room 5 or Tel. 552414

Unseen Influence: DEATH as Himself RPGSoc also has a web page (, a newsgroup (ox.clubs.rpgsoc) and a vast array of mailing lists. Please contact Steve Jessop, or John Reynolds ( to be included in the information revolution.