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Michaelmas 1998 Termcard

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Special events

Laserquest - Wednesday 3rd Week (28th October), 7.45 pm

A chance to get back at all those people who deserve it, evil GMs, backstabbing players. Come along and have fun, beat best scores and run around in the dark. Times to follow soon. Venue, Laserquest, off Gloucester Green.

Termly general meeting - Turf tavern - 1pm, Saturday 5th week (14th Nov)

The termly general meeting is the chance for the members of the society (you) to air your views, make suggestions and for issues to be discussed. The society needs YOU!

The pub crawl - Friday 4th week (6th Nov)

The termly event involving wandering between pubs and lots of drinking takes place in the centre of Oxford with a route, which wonít leave you gasping for breath.

The Christmas party - Talbot Hall, LMH - Saturday 7th week (28th Nov)

The joint Christmas party with OUSFG, the Christmas party to go to. With the punch, fancy dress competition and the opportunity to get the GMís drunk and try and extract information from them, itís the ideal evening to relax near the end of term. There is a prize for the best fancy dress. Tickets will be available nearer the time. On sale now, from Jake


There will be another edition of the Nightflyer coming during the next week or so, in the mean time articles for the next edition gratefully received. Please send articles on disc or via email to Corinne at <>.

Other stuff

Also during the term there will be a Vampire event, "The court of Paris" and possibly Imagister special occasions as extensions to the meeting events depending on people having the time.

Regular events

Imagister - 7:30 start, Tuesday evenings, 1st week, Keble ARCO, after that Keble Pusey Room

The society game is now into the two term full game. With the old city of Taeorn destroyed after the death of the powerful sorcerer and ruler of the land, and the appearance of magically gifted individuals across the land the world seemed changed forever. It is now twenty years after these events and the magically gifted individuals who appeared at the time of the death have been weakened in power for all that time. Until recently, when a solar eclipse heralded a return to the previous powers of the gifts. Why has this happened? What has happened to the tainted gifts which destroyed the old city of Taeorn? Is the returning of the gifts full power just an omen of bad times to come? A meeting has been called to investigate.
On email at <> (will reach all the GMs)
Or pigeon post to Daniel Singer, Somerville College.
The GMs are, Dan Singer, Andromeda Wood, Emma Stuttard, David McKnight, and Michael Sweeny.
See also the Imagister web pages.

FLRP - 8 pm, Friday 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th weeks

FLRP is the most fun two consenting adults can have together using latex. Moonlight, adrenalin, roleplaying, chocolate and wine gums, trees, a warped sense of humour and a vast array of NPCs with dubious accents. With the vast detailed background, FLRP has it all. Price for players is £3.50, £2.50 for monsters. Keble College Shaw-Stewart Room by 8 pm prompt, no need to book in advance.

Friday 1st week (16th Oct) - 3rd/4th level FLRP. Called Darkstar, run by Brian.
Friday 3rd week (30th Oct) - Freshers/1st level FLRP. Called Ice Shriek run by Ralph.
Friday 5th week (13th Nov) - Any level, Indoor FLRP event, venue TBA
Friday 7th week (27th Nov) - FLRP, to be announced.
Contact details, Brian Wright, Queens college, <

Games night - Thursdays, 7:30pm, Keble, room will vary

The plotting, board games, socialising and general fun evening. RPGsoc games night is around as ever. The evening to turn up to, to socialise, talk games, talk games at the gmís, play games and possibly something not related to games. If you want to look at anything form the RPGsoc luggage (library) ask David McKnight for a list of the items.

Vampire - degeneration - Even Saturdays, 7:30pm venue TBA

The cityís troubles are over, a ritual solved all the problems, the kindred kept safe within the Giovanni chantry. But are things really as rosy as they seem? The Garou attack was decimated and Mithras now rules London. Can the world of darkness really be this calm?

To play contact a GM: Ben Bose, Balliol college, <>
Dan Singer, Somerville, <>
See also the Vampire web pages.

The RPGSoc "Looney Tunes"TM Committee

President: Andromeda "Road runner" Wood
St Catherines college, staircase 4, room 27.
Tel: (2)71680 Email: <>
"Meep meep!"

Secretary: Michael "Sylvester" Sweeney
Somerville College, or 9 1/2 Weeks Octawotsit Octothania Autocthonia (66 Cardigan St)
Tel: 556890 Email: <>
"Sthuffering sthukatash!"

Treasurer: Jake "Speedy Gonzales" Malone
St Catherines college or 68 Bullingdon rd.
Email: <>
"Ariba, abriba!"

Social Secretary: Krystyna "Tweety Pie" Joyce
Merton College, Staircase 3, room 4.
Email: <>
"I tawt I taw a puddy tat... I did, I did taw a puddy tat!"

Campaign organiser: Daniel "Daffy duck" Singer
Somerville college, or 94 Walton st.
Tel: 557494 Email: <>
"I hate that rabbit!"

Archivist: David "Taz" McKnight
St Johns college, 20 Museum rd
Email: <>
"Yackity schmackity"

Nightflyer editor: Corinne "Yosamite Sam" Berg
Linacre college, or The Event Horizon (44 Cricket Rd)
Tel. 433739 Email: <>
"Come outta there ya flea bitten varmint before I blast the fir clean off a your carcass"

FLRP organiser: Brian "Porky Pig" Wright
Queens college computer officer
Email: <>
"Th-th-th-th-th-thatís all folks!"

RPGSoc also has a web page (, a newsgroup (ox.clubs.rpgsoc) and a vast array of mailing lists. Contact the RPGSoc Netrep, Steve "Marvin the Martian" Jessop, "Whereís the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom!" <>, to be included in the information revolution.