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Michaelmas 1999 Termcard

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Special Events

Termly General Meeting - Turf Tavern - 12pm, Sun 5th Week (7th November)

Air your views on the running of the society and what you'd like to see happen in the future. Submissions for the agenda can be sent to the Secretary in advance by hand or by email. We will also be voting on the New Constitution, which will include the role of FLRP Organiser and the cost of Nightflyer to the Society. Copies of the proposal can be obtained from the Secretary and the website.

The Central Oxford Pub Crawl - Friday 4th Week (5th November)

This term we spend our night of inebriation in the centre of town. This year's route is a radical break with tradition as after lengthy debates with the rest of the committee we decided... (wait for it)... to follow the SAME route we always do! [And the same joke they always do - Ed.]

The Christmas Party - Talbot Hall, LMH - Saturday 7th Week (27th November) - starts 7.30pm

Let your worries drown in a sea of alcohol, and the end of term float away in a haze of lost memories... flashing lights... silly costumes... dubious punch. The joint party with OUSFG has it all. Fancy dress is optional but prizes will be awarded. Tickets from Rob Young (Treasurer).

Regular Events

Incorporated - Venue TBA - Tuesdays at 7.30pm

Incorporated (or INC.) is a game of cyberpunk, corporate intrigue, gadgets (and guns). Characters are amongst the most influential people in the world (yay!) and have to deal with all the problems the world can throw at them (aargh!). At the same time the assets of the corporation must be kept ever on the up. There is only one law: "Do not reduce the assets of the Corporation". Interpret this how you will...

For Background Info try the Inc website.

Games Night - Wadham Seminar Room - Thursdays 7.30pm

An evening for plotting, socialising, playing board games, plotting, having a drink... oh, and plotting some more. If there are any boardgames in our library you would especially like to play then please let the Archivist know in advance.

FLRP(Fantasy Live RolePlay) - Friday 3/5/7th Weeks

"The most fun two consenting adults can have with Latex". For further information on where and when to meet contact Eleanor (FLRP Organiser) and subsribe to the FLRP mailing list (rpgsocf). The 3rd week FLRP has been designed with freshers especially in mind so come along and try it. A small price is charged (currently 3,50 for PCs and 2.50 for monsters) to cover petrol and other costs incurred - but it's well worth it.

Vampire - Lincoln Lower Lecture Room - Sun 3, Sat 4/6 and Fri 8th Week

In the Kingdom of Wessex politics is conducted in whispered conversations, an ill judged statement can result in the King's Torpor and a mistake in Final Death, do you have what it takes to survive? Place your trust in your brother and faith in your clan if you will, but ultimately it is you who must carve out a niche for youself in this unforgiving world.

For more info, email Emma at

Other Stuff

The Library

If there is anything you would like to borrow from (or see added to) the society library then contact our Archivist, Tommy Wareing. (Almost) any donations gratefully accepted.


See YOUR name in print. The society magazine is edited by Kavitha Kishen, who would currently really like some more stuff to print. Any artwork, poetry, shopping lists, views, news or articles should be submitted asap, preferably on disk or email attachment in MS-Word.

The RPGSoc (hic!) Committee

President: Michael "Black Russian" Sweeney
Somerville College.

Secretary: Rebecca "Bloody Mary" Annison
St Hugh's College

Treasurer: Rob "Screaming Orgasm" Young
Somerville College
or call (01865) 512751

Campaign Organiser: Amanda "Roadkill" Clarke

FLRP Organiser: Eleanor "Green Frog" Orebi Gann
Somerville College

Nightflyer Editor: Kavitha "Cocaine Lady" Kishen
Lincoln College

Archivist: Tommy "Monkey Gland" Wareing
21 Long Close, Wood Farm
or call (01865)437660

Social Secretary: Chris "Sex on the Beach" Venus
Keble College

Mascot: Daniel "Shirley Temple" Singer
Somerville College

The Society has a Website:
A newsgroup: ox.clubs.rpgsoc
And many, many mailling lists. To subscribe e-mail:, leaving the subject space blank and with "subscribe (list name)" in the body of the text. e.g. "subscribe rpgsoca".
List Names:

For more information contact Steve Jessop, or see the relevant web page.