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Regular Events

The Society Game - Vendetta, Tuesdays at 7.30pm, Christ Church College, Seminar Room

NEW game starting this term. A live action gangster game set in 1920's America. Come and have a drink at the bar, it's the best bar in the city so everyone will be there, from the Mayor to the Chief of Police and the current gang bosses, we know you'll fit right in. For more details on the game and character creation contact the Campaign Organiser Daniel Hemmens <> at Wadham College. Look at the Vendetta web page or sign up to the rpgsoci mailing list for announcements.

N.B. Christ Church can be quite strict about who they let in to the college so make sure you bring you Bodleian card or your membership card along, contact Rebecca Annison or Gemma Lowe if you need a membership card.

Games Night - Thursdays from 7.30, Lincoln College, Lower Lecture Room.

A relaxed atmosphere for plotting, playing board games and playing or arranging table top games.

This is an excellent drop in event to get to know members of the society or socialise with people you haven't been able to catch up with for a while. Contact the Archivist, Matthew Marcus, if you want him to bring anything from the Archive to Games Night.

Fantasy Live Role Playing - Friday 1 / 3 / 5 / 7th Week, venue varies.

A live action combat system set in an exciting new fantasy world of Nocturne which needs intrepid explorers, foolhardy warriors, learned mages and everything in between to see what lies beyond the borders of this uncharted land. Contact the FLRP Organiser, Chris Rogers, for details on how to create a character and get involved. Also Check out the FLRP webpage or the FLRP mailing list (details on how to sign up below). This term look out for Special Daytime games and the Weapons and Costume making evening.

Vampire - Saturday 2 / 4 / 6 / 8th Week, Venue varies.

The game is based on White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade ™ and set in modern day England. If you think your wit is stunning then come and try your luck with Clan Toreador, and for a Kingdom at war there is also plenty for the more physically minded characters to do, this is definitely a game which caters for many types of character. As this is the last term of the game so come and play before time runs out.

Details of the location are usually posted to rpgsocv (see below). For more information contact Warlock <> or visit the vampire web page.

Special Events

FLRP Prop making evening, Wednesday 1st Week (3rd May) Venue To be Announced.

Turn up and help make some cool new props for the FLRP games, there will be plenty for everybody to do. If you want to make your own weapons this is also an excellent opportunity to be shown how to do so safely and have people to guide you while you do it.

Pub Crawl, Friday 4th Week (26th May)

Excursion to the North of Oxford.

Strawberries and Cream themed TGM Sunday 6th Week (4th June) at Parson's Pleasure.

We are going to try and take advantage of the summer weather (ahem) and have our Termly General Meeting surrounded by much food and nature. An alternative venue will be posted nearer the time if the weather starts to look grim.

Punt Party Saturday 6th Week (10th June)

Fish out the water pistols and prepare to get wet, it is the annual punt party. A meeting point will be announced to the society nearer the time.

Other Things

The Library

Please talk to Matt Marcus if you would like to borrow anything from the society library (there is a list available) or if you would like the society to buy anything for the library.


Articles and artwork for the Society Magazine should be submitted to Joshua Fox (editor) by the end of 4th Week please.

Society on the Net.

The society has a thriving Internet community which has announcements and discussions posted to it :-


Newsgroup: ox.clubs.rpgsoc

Or try subscribing to one of our many mailing lists: e-mail leaving the subject space blank with "subscribe (list name)" in the body of the text e.g. "subscribe rpgsoca".

List names

Presenting the Y2K Committee as the 1999 Committee.

President: Rebecca Annison aka Michael Sweeney
St. Hugh's College.
E-mail: <>

Secretary: Kavitha Kishen aka Rebecca Annison
Lincoln College
E-mail: <>

Treasurer: Gemma Lowe aka Rob Young
St. Anne's College
E-mail: <>

Campaign Organiser: Daniel Hemmens aka Amanda Clarke
Wadham College
E-mail: <>

FLRP Organiser: Christopher Rogers aka Eleanor Orebi Gann
Somerville College
E-mail: <>

Nightflyer Editor: Joshua Fox aka Kavitha Kishen
Somerville College
E-mail: <>

Archivist: Matthew Marcus aka Tommy Wareing
E-mail: <>

Social Secretary: Eleanor Orebi Gann aka Chris Venus
Somerville College
E-mail: <>

Committee Member Without Portfolio: Orinoco the Womble aka Daniel Singer
St-Anne's College c/o Gemma Lowe

Or contact the whole committee at once on the new Committee mailing list, send your queries and comments to