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Termcard for Trinity Term 1995


This page contains the contents of the Termcard for Trinity term 1995.

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The Termcard

This Term's Special Events

FLRP Unification Banquet

Lincoln Quin. room, Friday 2nd Week, 7:30

FLRP isn't all about cold noghts and muddy woods - and to prove it we present this term's indoor, freeform event.

Hosted jointly by the heads of the bastions, this is a celebration of the long awaited amalgamation of the 4 bastions into a single nation. This historic event should not be missed, come in character if you have one, or play one of many NPCs likely to be present.

Ask Alastair for details.

The Punt Party

Meet at Magdalen Lodge, Saturday 6th Week, 2pm

Once again, armed only with water pistols and with a distinct lack of sobriety, the battle between punts, ducks, and anything else, begins. Alternatively, sit back, drink Pimm's and watch the world go by - either way, hop on a punt and while away an afternoon in classic Oxford (lack of) style.

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th week

Resident alky Jon will be taking on all-comers in an all night drinking challenge.


T-shirts: End of 3rd week. See Rob for details of the extensive new leisurewear range incorporating T-Shirts and sweatshirts with an all new design.

Bulk Order: End of 5th week. As usual, an opportunity to buy role playing stuff from Gameskeeper at 10% off, Kat should be organising.

The Library

Kat has the library at Balliol, and we are looking to expand it. If you have any ideas for new acquisitions, or donations, please see her.

Regular Meetings


Exeter Quarrel room, Thursdays 7:30

This term's society game features Gods from Greece, Egypt and Asia Minor fighting it out for supremacy. This freeform game takes over after the success of Thieves' Guild, and should be just as fun, interesting and sociable. It would be nice to get most character generation done before this Thursday, so try to fing a GM (Jon, Alastair or myself) beforehand if possible - preferrably at Tuesday's Games Night.

Games Night

Tuesdays, 7:30pm. First meeting Magdalen Lecture rm A, others at Wadham Seminar room.

Come along for a night of playing games, or Magic. Or spend your whole time plotting Pantheon and others. Or simply be sociable and lose some exam stress.


Friday evenings. Please be on time.

All wanting to play or monster, get in touch with Alastair in advance. The system is being updated, and great things are happening in the Bastions, so if you haven't tried fantasy live roleplay yet, do.

Nightflyer and Ikaros

Nightflyer is now to be a yearly extravaganze, and an expanded Ikaros will take care of the day to day business of a roleplaying society. Articles and artwork will be most gratefully received for either. Ikaros will be out in 4th week (hopefully), so contact Hanbury soon if you wish to contribute anything such as requests for games or players.


Dominic Camus (Corpus Christi) will be organising a tournament of Archmage throughout the term, get in touch with him for details.

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Frances Hardinge (Somerville)

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