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Termcard for Trinity Term 1996


This page contains the contents of the Termcard for Trinity term 1996.

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The Termcard

This Term's Special Events

FLRP Workshop

Saturday 1st week, The Turf Tavern

This meeting is designed as an opportunity for interested FLRP writers and GM's to come along for a bit of advice and discussion from people who've done it before. No experience is necessary, and anyone with an interest is welcome. Beginning on the Saturday after the first FLRP, these workshops may be repeated or expanded into a series, so ask Hanbury for further information.

The Termly General

Monday 3rd week, venue to be announced.

This open meeting is an opportunity to come and let your voice be heard, by participating in the governance of RPGSoc - so if you have any ideas, comments or cunning plans, please come along - we'll probably meet at a pub for lunch and a bit of discussion. Contact Kat for precise details closer to the date.

Lord Ferlad's Wedding

Saturday 3rd week, venue to be announced.

The Lord of Brandel cordially invites you to his upcoming feast to celebrate the union of the thrones of Brandel and Adriane. An exciting and festive FLRP event for regulars and newcomers alike. Those wishing to attend as their regular character, or be assigned and NPC should contact Hanbury for details.

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th week.

You all know how this works, so I'm not going to explain further. A copiously alcoholic evening.

Vampires In Arms at The Electric Ballroom

Friday 6th week

This excursion into the club scene of London is an opportunity for some relaxed vampire character interactions, but mostly an excuse to go dancing in outrageous costumes. Interested persons should contact Kate Harding, either via the Vampire List or the Committee; particularly if you think your current character would be unlikely to attend. It should be remembered however that the Masquerade will be very strictly enforced by the Prince of London.

Other Items to Note

Ikaros will be out later in term with any corrections and additions to this card and Nightflyer may begin to put in more regular appearances as well.

The RPGSoc Library is now in the posession of Archivist Liz Smith, at Balliol, who is looking to expand and revise it. Donations are, as ever, most welcome.

The Bulk Order is scheduled for collection in third week, with delivery arund fourth week, so you can get your items that much sooner. See Liz for the order list.


The Punt Party

Saturday 7th Week 2pm, Magdelen Lodge

I could say that I left this off the termcard on purpose, because there wasn't enough space, and after all, Ikaros has to be for something. But I'll be truthful and say - oops I forgot! (Sorry - but come along anyway - Pimm's, Strawberries, and full water armament riot included...)

Regular Meetings


Tuesdays 7:30 every week. Keble Pusey Room

New Year's Eve, 1866 and the upper rooms of Vienna's notorious Inferno Club play host to a meeting of Illuminates intent on shaping the course of history. The most promising military, political, scientific and magickal minds of their time vie with each other for personal power and prestige while attempting to save Bavaria from the depredations of the Prussinal warmonger Bismarck and the chaos caused by the abduction on King Ludwig, by perpetrators unknown...

Inferno is an intrigue-packed Victorian melodrama in eight acts loosely based on the steampunk-and-sorcery Castle Falkenstein roleplaying game and the sinister workings of the Bavarian Illuminati. It will be held, barring enemy sabotage, in Keble's Pusey Room. For more information and character generation, contact Matt Marcus.


Meet at Reubens's room (Wadham, staircase 15, room 1) at 7:00 on Fridays

As ever, there will be games running in 1st,3rd,5th and 7th week, contact Hanbury if you want to play or monster. FLRP is now larger and more exciting than ever, so do be sure to book early in order to avoid disappointment. As well as the games proper, there is also the FLRP Mailing List and the Brandel Bugle.

Games Night

Thursdays, 7:30 onwards, every week at Wadham Seminar Room.

Games Night features a revised format with the emphasis on the social, so we'll be providing more of your simple favourites (Family Business, anyone?) and fewer of the strategic games, since they're a job for the Archivist to carry. Any specific requests, however, will be glady met. Those with a particular interest in strategic games are encouraged to speak to Hanbury, out unofficial DipSoc liason. And of course, there's always time for he odd drink, plot, and general chat.

Vampires in Arms

The VIA Campaign continues to follow the trials and tribulations of the City of Oxford as they face to dangers of Pentex, the Sabbat, and others yet unknown. This term will feature two conclaves and two social events, one being the Electric Ballroom outing. Saturday of Second Week will be another social event, with conclaves to be called on Saturday of fourth week and Friday of eighth week. Information and further details can be obtained through the Vampire GM Team: Ralph Lovegrove, Kat Takenaka, Kate Harding and Hanbury Hampden-Turner.

Reservoir Dogs: The RPGSoc Committee


RPGSoc is also available on the 'net. Contact our Cyberemminence J Reynolds at john.reynolds@ccc.ox.ac.uk to be placed on any or all of the myriad mailing lists.

Our Web Page is : http://users.ox.ac.uk/~corp0008/ and our newsgroup is ox.clubs.rpgsoc.

For further information, contact a convenient committee member, or e-mail me (John Reynolds) at:


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