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Trinity 1997 Termcard

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Note: The Flyer giving corrections to this termcard is now available.

Special Events

Termly General Meeting

The Turf Tavern - Noon, Saturday 3rd Week (17th May)

Your chance to have a say in the running of your favourite society. Come along and offer your views and visions for the future of RPGSoc, air any grievances, keep up to date with society news and present cunning strategies to take over the world. Alternatively just come for a drink.

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th Week. (23rd May)

Having consulted heavily with the CPPC, I am pleased to announce that the route for this term's pub crawl will be.... Exactly the same as Trinity 96!

* 7:30 Eagle and Child
* 8:00 Lamb and Flag
* 8:30 Royal Oak
* 9:00 Rose and Crown
* 9:30 Gardener's Arms
* 10:30 Horse and Jockey.

Strawberries and Cream Party

Sunday 6th week. (1st June)

And now for something new and exciting from our Social Secretary. For those of you who can't wait till the punt party to get out in that summer sun, why not come to the strawberries and cream party. Outside (somewhere) in glorious sunshine (hopefully), and needless to say involving copious quantities of strawberries and cream.

Punt Party

Saturday 7th week. (14th June)
To avoid clashing with OUSFG, the punt party has been rescheduled to Sunday of 8th week (15th June).

Summer... The sun shimmering overhead, birds singing in the trees, the gentle `splish' of punt poles sliding into the river, strawberries in one hand and Pimms in the other, what could possibly be more tranquil?... Certainly not the society punt party. Meet at 2pm in Magdalen college lodge with food, drink and full water armaments.

Other Stuff

* Varsity Match - Your society needs YOU! Do you think you're good enough to role- play for the society? The varsity match will be held in Oxford towards the end of term, and the team will be selected at random from those who put their names forward.

* Bulk Order - If you want to stock up on role-playing material before the Summer holidays, and like the idea of a 10% discount, then get your orders to Lim Han before the end of third week to join the bulk order at Gameskeeper.

* RPGSoc Library - The library is currently at 68 Banbury road, room 5. Please talk to Archivist Lim Han if there is anything you would like to borrow or see added to the collection. Any donations will be gratefully received.

* Nightflyer - If you feel that RPGSoc isn't tapping your full artistic and intellectual potential then why not write an article for nightflyer. Articles/ reviews/ stories/ artwork and letters to the editor will all be gratefully received. Please submit stuff ASAP (By the end of third week to make first publication). Send ASCII or MS-Word files by email to or on disk to Felix Geiringer, Magdalen College.

* Brandel Bugel - Articles to Reuben Wright or e-mail

Regular Events


Keble Pusey Room - Every Tuesday at 7.30pm

You may think that it is a long way to Tesco's, but that is peanuts compared to Space. And space is a damn boring place compared to the universe of ICON: an all-excitement, planet hopping, things-go-'boom'-even-in-a-vacuum Space Opera. Action, adventure, scheming and mystery in a galaxy far, far away. The formerly warlike Aamei, the peace- loving but well-armed Helyans and the technologically advanced but insular Illisthians meet with scavenging Skithrass, fierce Dalamar, and downright bizarre Plantains. Living in the shadow of the powerful Imperium of Zhan and using the technology of the mysterious Ancients, the businessmen, ambassadors, explorers, arco-scientists and privateers of these peoples become aware that great events are afoot... For full background information, go to We also need one-off and occasional NPC parts: volunteers please contact Steve. GMs: Steve Jessop (Lincoln), Robin Adams (St. John's), Corinne Berg (Linacre), Philip Reicherstorfer (Mansfield).

Games Night

Mansfield Council Room - Every Thursday, from 7.30pm

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to meet at Wadham, but games night will live on. The perfect opportunity to socialise and engage in board games, card games, one-off games, and ICON plotting. Who knows, you may even find time for a few drinks.


Shottover Common - Odd Fridays at 7pm

FLRP is back again. For those of you who don't know what it is, turn up and find out. Brandel needs YOU! You could make a difference in this war. Do you have what it takes to foil shadowpact plots? Do you have what it takes to write shadowpact plots? Do you have what it takes to eat other peoples chocolate? If so turn up on Fridays of 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks in Keble Room Db8/03 at about 7:00. Ask the porter and he won't mind telling you how to get there. And it's nice weather now so there is no excuse not to come.

Vampires in Arms -Act III

Venue TBA - Even Saturdays at 7pm

The Prince is dead! Long live the Prince? Oxford is in flames. Violent gangs roam the streets and the Town vs. Gown enmity is apparently insoluble. An ancient entity calling itself Job has revealed itself to the Kindred; its progeny are not far behind. Prince Jeremiah Buxton is slain by his own childe, William Russell. A renegade Malkavian slaughters a hapless Toreador for no apparent reason. Lupines prepare for war. Mortal mystics threaten the Masquerade. Are these terrible events connected? Vampires in Arms is a live action game portraying a Vampire secret society in Oxford. It is designed for both occasional and hard-core players. New players are always welcome, but please contact a GM before creating a character. Games are planned for Saturdays of 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th weeks, although the venues are not yet known. GMs: Ralph Lovegrove (156 Hurst St. Tel. 203632), Ben Bose (Balliol), Michelle Richardson (St. Peter's)

The RPGSoc Committee:

Episode IV - A New Hope


* President: Tony Short as Lando Calrissian
Lincoln College, The Mitre, room 24.

* Secretary: Liz Smith as Darth Vader
Arcadia, Upper flat, 55 Aston Street

* Treasurer: Robin Adams as R2-D2
St. John's College, Tommy White building, staircase 7, room 2

* Campaign Organiser: Steve Jessop as Luke Skywalker
Lincoln College, Lincoln House, room 1

* FLRP Organiser: Chris Venus as Han Solo
Keble College, staircase Db8, room 3

* Nightflyer Editor: Chewbacca as Felix Geiringer
Magdalen College, Daubney building, room 15 or Tel. 726410

* Archivist: Lim Han as Yoda
Corpus Christi College, 68 Banbury road, room 5 or Tel. 552414

* Social Secretary: Andromeda Wood as Princess Leia Organa
St. Catherine's College, staircase 4, room 28

RPGSoc also has a web page (, a newsgroup (ox.clubs.rpgsoc) and a vast array of mailing lists. Please contact John Reynolds at to be included in the information revolution.

May the Force be with you, and remember... `Let the Wookie win'!