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Special Events


Wednesday 2nd week (6th May)

A chance to get back at all those people who deserve it, evil GMs, backstabbing players. Come along and have fun, beat best scores and run around in the dark. Times to follow soon. Venue obvious really. [Gloucester Green, if it isn't - Steve]

Termly general meeting

Turf tavern, Noon, Saturday 3rd week (16th may)

The topics for discussion this term include the constitution (again) and other plots for the glory of RPGsoc. Come along to air your views or just sit and listen to the discussion. The society needs YOU!

The pub crawl

Friday 4th week (22nd May)

The termly event wander between pubs drinking takes place in North Oxford with a route, which wonít leave you gasping for breath.

* 7:30 Lamb and Flag
* 8:00 Eagle and Child
* 8:30 Royal Oak
* 9:00 Rose and Crown
* 9:30 Gardenerís Arms (Plantation rd)
* 10:30 Horse and Jockey.

FLRP seminar

2-4pm, Saturday 5th week (30th May)

A seminar held by Ralph Lovegrove and Mo Molkar to aid in the restart of OURPGsoc FLRP. For old and new players alike this seminar will discuss, for the benefit of our newer members exactly what FLRP is and why it is different from any other RPG the society runs. They will wax lyrical on the "FLRP experience", talk briefly about the campaign and what could be done to make it more accessible to new GMs and players and explaining just how easy it is to write FLRP games yourself and get involved with the game at any level, whatever your experience. Everyone is welcome to attend. If possible please let Dhaeive know in advance if you are coming. See FLRP notice for contact details. Venue to be announced.

Extraordinary general meeting

1pm, Sunday 6th week (31st May)

A meeting held for the discussion of the proposals mentioned at the AGM for the use of the FLRP world as the background for a commercial computer game. For all those who have an interest in FLRP, are curious or just want to come along and listen. Venue to be announced.

Punt party

Saturday 6th week (6th June)

The annual event where punts are floated down the river, ducks are victimised and water is spread far and wide. If people who could book out punts for the event could contact either Andie or Krystyna before the event so we can organise in advance. Meet at 2pm outside Magdalen.

Strawberries and cream party

2pm Sunday 8th week (14th June)

This grand sunny event returns with strawberries all round. Come along to relax in the sunshine, chat to people and oddly enough eat strawberries or come along and relax in the sun, chat and not eat strawberries! On some grass to be announced.


There will be another edition of the nightflyer coming soon in the mean time articles for the next edition gratefully received. Please send articles on disc or via email to Corinne <>

Regular events


7:30 start, Tuesday evenings

The brand new society game set in a world of mystery and recently the appearance of magic. The city of Tśorn, the grandest city in the known world with the all powerful Magister as its ruler and protector. Then, disaster. The Magister is gone, the city in chaos, the land shifted by earthquakes. A select few people seeming to have nothing in common find themselves with magical powers and gather in the Magisters council chamber. Can they bring the city back to its former glory? Do they want to? Venue Keble Pusey room, (execept 4th and 8th week when it will probably be in Lincoln) If you want to join the game just come along or contact the GMs:
On email <> (will reach all the GMs)
Or pigeon post to Daniel Singer, Somerville College.
The GMs are, Dan Singer, Brian Wright, Andromeda Wood, Emma Stuttard, David McKnight, Chris Perkins and Mike Sweeny.


7:30pm, Friday 3rd, 5th, and 7th weeks.

FLRP is the most fun two consenting adults can have together using latex. Moonlight, adrenalin, roleplaying, chocolate and wine gums, trees, a warped sense of humour and a vast array of NPCs with dubious accents. With the vast detailed background, FLRP has it all. The campaign is currently in its tenth year of life and a new web page is coming soon.

To play you must book in advance, contact Dhaeive Ceiphre (details below) by the Thursday before the event. Price for players is £3.50, £2.50 for monsters. Meet in Chris Venusí room, Keble College (Staircase H2, room 03) by 7:30 pm prompt.

Friday 3rd week (15th May) - "Its okay, were on a mission to save the world!", 4th level, GMs Felix G and Andrew Lucas
Friday 5th week (29th May) - "The big cheese", 2nd level, GM Hanbury Hampden-Turner
Friday 7th week (12th June) - 3rd level, GMs Brian Wright and Al Halsby

Dhaeive Ceiphre: Valhalla, 69 Bullingdon rd, email: <> or tel 437138

Games night

Thursdays, 7:30pm, Keble Pusey room.

The plotting, board games, socialising and general fun evening. RPGsoc games night is around as ever. The evening to turn up to, to socialise and talk games. If you want to look at anything form the RPGsoc luggage (library) ask David McKnight for a list of the items.

Vampire - degeneration

Even Saturdays, 7:30pm

The vampires of Oxford have a new prince, the city is regenerating and an Archon is present in the city. What could go wrong? Plots against the outside diablerist prince, the Tremere chantry going up in a spectacular explosion and the sewers are still too dangerous to enter because of mysterious magical forces. Venue, Lincoln Oakeshotte room. To play contact a GM:
Ben Bose, Balliol college,
Dan Singer, Somerville, <>

The RPGSoc "quotes" Committee

President: Andromeda "Get your hand out of there" Wood
St Catherines college, or Firetop mountain (9 Cricket road)
Tel: 437417 Email: <>

Secretary: Michael "if you two keep that up Iíll have to run off with Hanbury" Sweeney
Somerville College, Derbyshire room 18
Email: <>

Treasurer: Jake "Winnie the Pooh scares me" Malone
St Catherines college
Email: <>

Social Secretary: Krystyna "It even embarrasses me and Iím supposed to be there for it" Joyce
Merton College, Holywell street annexe, room 5
Email: ><

Campaign organiser: Daniel "I need a man" Singer
Somerville college, Vaughn 47
Email: <>

Archivist: David "Some of my best friends are warrior chickens" McKnight
St Johns college, North quad, staircase 6, room 5
Email: <>

Nightflyer editor: Corinne "I know where your family lives, accidents happen" Berg
Linacre college, 105 Banbury road
Tel. 431414 Email: <>

FLRP organiser: Dhaeive "I never say anything dodgy" Ceiphre
Valhalla, 69 Bullingdon Road
Tel. 437138 Email: <>

RPGSoc also has a web page (, a newsgroup (ox.clubs.rpgsoc) and a vast array of mailing lists.

Please contact Steve Jessop <>, or John Reynolds <> to be included in the information revolution.