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Special Events

Termly General Meeting - Turf Tavern - 12pm, Sat 4th Week (22nd May)

Your chance to air your views on how the society is run, argue, talk about how things used to be, debate the merits/flaws of the committee. Oh, and you can have a pint while you're there to cure post-Pub Crawl blues. Items for the agenda can be submitted to the Secretary in advance (or during the meeting).

Extraordinary General Meeting - Turf Tavern - Sat 4th Week (22nd May)

This is to vote on our nice, shiny new constitution, copies will be available for perusal 2 weeks before the meeting to give people a chance to think of any amendments etc. Please turn up for this it's really quite a big thing and we want everyone to have their say. (It'll also be on the web page)

Punt Party - 1.30pm, Sat 6th Week (5th June)

Our annual outing along everyone's favourite river. Complete with water- pistols, killer Swans, marauding ducks and a picnic for the survivors at Parson's pleasure. Meeting points and time will be forthcoming as soon as we know more about the punt situation - could those with punt access in colleges please let the President know asap?

Pub Crawl - Friday 4th Week (21st May)

This year sees a dramatic break from the norm as we follow the all-new pub- crawl route which will take us to... all the pubs we normally go to... in the same order, no less.

Strawberries and Cream Party - 2pm, Sun 7th Week (6th June)

Correction - Sun 8th Week (13th June)

Being held this year on Somerville College's Quad (hopefully). What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with sun, strawberries, cream and a throng of innocent young roleplayers? (grin)

Varsity Match

Being held towards the end of term - our chance for vengeance after the boatrace!! Those interested in joining the team should contact the president - names will be entered into a hat if we have many applicants.

Regular Events

Incorporated - Keble Arco Building - Tuesdays at 7.30pm

The Campaign Organiser will be available from 2.00pm on Tuesdays to deal with any problems and possibly run early turn-sheeting if people cannot make the meetings on time.

Incorporated is a game of cyberpunk and corporate intrigue (with plenty of scope for gadgets and guns.) Characters are amongst the most influential people in the world and have to deal with everything Europe can throw at them whilst keeping the assets of the corporation ever on the up. In this world there is only one law “Do not reduce the assets of the corporation” interpret it how you will...

Games Night - Wadham College Thursdays 7.30pm (except 2nd wk)

A night for plotting, socialising, playing Board Games, plotting, having a drink, plotting some more. Thursday 2nd week will probably be in Keble subject to confirmation.

FLRP - Friday 3/5/7th Week

"The most fun two consenting adults can have with Latex" Now sporting an all- new gameworld, a cast of thousands and of course - chocolate. For details contact your FLRP Organiser and /or look out on the rpgsocf mailling list.

Vampire - Venue Varies - Sat 2/4/6 and Fri 8th Week

In a Kingdom where politics is conducted in whispered conversations, where an ill judged statement can result in the King's Torpor and a mistake in Final Death, do you have what it takes to survive? Place your trust in your brother and faith in your clan if you will, but ultimately it is you who must carve a niche into this unforgiving world.
Details of location will be posted to rpgsocv soon.
For more info, please contact Emma at


Air your views in your magazine. Articles/artwork/stories//letters to the editor/rants about that man and that games company (tm) etc.should be sent to our new editor, Kavitha on disk or e-mail using MS-Word

The Most Evil Committee Ever

President: Stalin (Michael Sweeney)
Somerville College, or 66 Cardigan St., Jericho.
or call 556 890

Secretary: Pol Pot (Rebecca Annison)
St Hugh's College

Treasurer: Ferdinand Marcos (Rob Young)
Somerville College

Campaign Organiser: Chairman Mao (Amanda Clarke)
The Event Horizon, 44 Cricket Road

FLRP Organiser: Ghengis Khan (Eleanor Orebi Gann)
Somerville College

Nightflyer Editor: Goebbels (Kavitha Kishen)
Lincoln College

Archivist: Khomeini (Tommy Wareing)
21 Long Close, Wood Farm
or call 437660

Social Secretary: Rasputin (Elizabeth Wootten)
St Hilda's College

The Society has a homepage:
A newsgroup: ox.clubs.rpgsoc
We also have many mailling lists. To subscribe e-mail:, leaving the subject space blank and with "subscribe (list name)" in the body of the text.
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