Archmage II - Beta Test - V0.05

Nasty verbatim text - sorry !

--- Character Attributes ---

Damage : How much harm you can withstand before losing the duel.
Hold Slots : Certain spells are 'holdable', but each spell 'held' at
             any given time requires its own 'hold slot'.
Draw rate : How many new cards you pick up at the end of each turn.
Hand Size : The number of cards you can have in hand at any one time.
Energy : Strong magical energies are needed to cast some spells. Your
         'energy' score represents how much of these you have at your

Initial levels : Damage 200, Hold Slots 0, Draw rate 2, Hand size 8,
                 Energy 50.

--- Spell Classes ---

Power  : These spells generally improve your abilities and tend to have long
         lasting effects, but are often tricky to cast.
Effect : Often easier to cast, but have quick, one-off effects.
Summon : Used to bring allies, underlings and equipment into the duel.

--- Spell Attributes ---

Blockable : Applies to spells which can be prevented by the opponent at
            the time of casting. The method by which blocking is possible
            is detailed in the spell description. You may only block a spell
            directed at you.
Holdable : Applies to effects, which are otherwise instant.
Dispellable : Applies to powers, which are otherwise permanent.
Attackable : Applies to summoned things. Attacks directed at such targets
             cannot be 'blocked'.
Stackable : Applies to powers, meaning that it is possible to have that
            power two or more times in combination. Also applies to effects,
            meaning that the effect can be used multiple times simultaneously
            and the results are applied for each.

--- Terminology ---
Attack : Not all damage caused counts as an attack. Damage from disbelief of
         illusions, for example, is not. A spell description will state
         whether or not its effects are attacks.
Natural : Applied to a card, this term means that the card must really be
          the same as the actual physical card used. In other words no spells
          may be used to change it's value or suit in any way.
Curse : Applies to certain spells. This means that certain special rules may
        apply in their interactions with other spells - for example a
        Talisman can remove curses. 

--- Power Spell Descriptions ---

*Power Crystal
- Stacking
Requires : Two aces.
Effect : Gain 1 hold slot.

- Stacking
Requires : A natural out of suit run of 4 plus 100 energy.
Effect : +1 draw rate.

*Magic Mastery
- Stacking
Requires : This spell requires four consecutive spell actions to
           cast ( though these need not be in the same turn ). For
           each of these actions cards with a total face value of
           exactly 20 must be used. Any or all of the parts of the
           casting may be illusory, but if any one is successfully
           disbelieved then the whole casting is ended ( and would
           need to be begun again to achieve the effect ).
Effect : Gain one spell action per turn.

*True Sight
Requires : Two tens and one royal card from the same suit as each
           of the tens (total 6 cards).
Effect : Damage to opponent when you succeed in disbelief is doubled.

*Shadow Force
- Dispellable
Requires : Three twos and one royal card from the same suit as each
           of the twos (total 6 cards).
Effect : Damage to opponent for false disbelief is doubled.

*Elemental Control
- Dispellable Stacking
Requires : Four cards which must either be 4s or 8s.
Effect : You may treat any card as if it were of the controlled suit. Only
         one card at a time may be affected in this way, unless you stack
         multiple castings of this spell.

Requires : Four 7s, one from each suit.
Effect : At any time you may alter the effective value of one card by +/- 1
         but not outside the range 2-A.

- Stackable
Requires : At least one card from each suit. All the clubs must be lower
           valued than all the diamonds which must be lower valued than
           all the hearts which must be lower valued than all the spades.
           You must use your entire hand when casting this spell.
Effect : When you cast a spell you may keep aside 1 card for each ritual you
         have cast for use in another spell cast _this_ turn. However, a
         minimum of 1 must be discarded. Any unused cards are also discarded
         at the end of the turn.  

*Mystic Library
- Stackable
Requires : This spell requires two consecutive spell actions to cast,
           though these need not be in the same turn. It does not require
           any cards to cast, but the spellcasters hand must be entirely
           empty during each of the spell actions. ( This will not be
           possible without making use of other spell effects ).
Effect : Max hand size +2

- Dispellable
Requires : You must give all the cards in your hand to your opponent and
           transfer all your energy to her also, she is obliged to accept
           the cards. Your hand must be at its maximum size in order to
           cast this spell.
Effect : If you win the round you gain double score for remaining damage.

*Inner Strength
- Stackable Dispellable
Requires : 40 energy and a run of three royal cards in a suit.
Effect : Any damage done to you is reduced by 1 point, minimum damage 1.

*Ring of Blades
- Curse
Requires : Three 5s and any three royal cards.
Effect : Each spell your opponent casts, except 'Learn Magic' causes them
         5 damage.

*Maze of Darkness
- Curse, Blockable
Requires : Three 3s and any three other cards.
Effect : Your opponent's draw rate becomes 1 for as long as the maze lasts.
         Blocked if your opponent discards cards the total value of which
         matches the total value of the three non-3s used in casting.  

Requires : Four nines plus any two royal cards.
Effect : In your effects phase you may draw 1 card for each 2 damage you

- Stackable
Requires : A natural triple, a natural pair and three other cards, all
           the casting cards must have different values ( with the
           exception, of course, of those that are obliged to be the same ).
Effect : Thereafter, any card may be treated as having the value
         of the triple used to cast the spell. This can only be applied to
         one card at a time. (eg. one card per spell). Note that only
         different runes are stackable, you may not have two the same.

*Iron Tower
- Stackable
Requires : One each of A,K,Q,J (any suits) and 25 energy.
Effect : Your cards count as 1 'pip' higher when blocking fireballs.

--- Effect Spell Descriptions ---

Requires : Four cards from each of 2 suits (total 8 cards).
Effect : Gain 30 energy.

*Mighty Strike
- Holdable
Requires : An out-of-suit run of six cards.
Effect : The next attack on your opponent from one of your
         spells which causes at least 1 point of damage, causes
         double damage.

*Stone Armour
- Holdable
Requires : A number of cards equal to your maximum hand size. You may
           cast no further spells this turn.
Effect : The next damage inflicted on you by any attack is ignored.

*Sacrificial Flame
- Holdable
Requires : 10 energy and three royal cards in the same suit.
Effect : Opponent must discard two random cards.

*Learn Magic
Requires : Any 1 card.
Effect :  Draw 1 card.

- Blockable
Requires : An in suit run of 2 or more cards.
Effect : 5 damage per card, blocked if your opponent discards a higher card
         in same suit.

*Ancient Power
- Holdable
Requires : Four or more non-royal cards, all of which must have even value.
           You must use your whole hand to cast this spell.
Effect : Take any 1 card from the discard pile, ignores hand limits.

*Skeleton Charm
- Holdable
Requires : One card from each suit. Your maximum hand size must not be
           higher than 8.
Effect : Draw 2 cards.

*Path of Purity
- Holdable
Requires : 5 energy and any six non-royal cards with different values.
Effect : Discard any 1 card.

- Holdable
Requires : Six or more red cards (hearts or diamonds). You may not use your
           whole hand to cast this spell, you must retain at least one card.
Effect : Gain one spell action (not per turn).

- Holdable
Requires : Any four diamonds, no two of which may have adjacent values.
Effect : Opponent loses next spell action.

Requires : One each of A,K,Q,J of which no two must be in the same suit. Also
           two non-royal odd valued cards and two non-royal even valued cards
           no two of which must be in the same suit.
Effect : One dispellable power of your choice held by your opponent
         is removed.

--- Summon Spell Descriptions ---

*Call Chaos
Requires : Two adjacent pairs (eg. pair of 4s and pair of 5s).
Effect : At any later point you may draw a card to use immediately as if
         it were any card of your choice.

*Aura of Rulership
Requires : Any three royal cards. However, you must cast the spell by
           claiming it is something else ( ie. casting an illusion of
           something else ). If the illusion is believed then the Aura
           takes effect, otherwise you take damage as normal. Note that
           if by any means at your disposal the 'illusion' could have
           been made to be real (eg. by using Shapechanger or Elemental
           Control) then this does not count and the Aura is not cast.
           Casting Aura of Rulership is instead of the effect of the
           illusory spell, not as well.
Effect : If you win the round you gain 10 points extra.

- Attackable (20 damage)
Requires : Any five hearts, no two of which may have adjacent values.
Effect : Makes the caster immune to curses and removes any curses currently
         affecting the caster.

*Wild Beasts
- Blockable
Requires : Two or more cards of the same value.
Effect : Causes damage equal to the sum of the face values of the cards
         used to cast it. Blocked if your opponent discards a run of cards
         in the same suit equal in length to the number of cards used to
         cast the spell.

*Guardian Spirit
- Attackable (30 damage)
Requires : Six or more cards containing no royals and each of odd value.
Effect : Whenever the caster successfully blocks any spell she gains 5
         energy for each Guardian Spirit she has. 

- Attackable (50 damage)
Requires : Any ten non-royal black cards (spades or clubs).
Effect : Once summoned, Avatars remain until killed. As a spell action
         an avatar may attack, causing 1 damage for each 4 points of
         energy spent by the caster.

*Stalking Doom
- Attackable (40 damage)
Requires : Any five clubs, no two of which may have adjacent values.
Effect : When summoned, a Stalking Doom has 'size 1'. Once in each of the
         caster's turns at a moment of his choosing, the Stalking Doom
         will attack. This attack causes damage equal to the size of the
         Stalking Doom. If at least one point of damage is done to the
         opponent themselves then the Stalking Doom's size increases by
         1 after the attack.  

- Attackable (50 damage)
Requires : Three 6s.
Effect : Once summoned, Fiends remain until killed. As a
         spell action all of the Fiends controlled by the
         caster may attack once each. A Fiend's attack
         causes 2 points of damage.

*Vampire Essence
- Blockable
Requires : Any five spades, no two of which may have adjacent values.
Effect : The caster may remove up to 20 energy from the opponent to
         add to her own energy total. It is not possible to take more
         than the opponent has. This spell is blocked if the opponent
         discards cards with a combined value exactly equal to the amount
         of energy the caster attempts to steal.

Requires : Three or more pairs. Each pair must consist of two cards of
           the same colour.
Effect : One half of the cards used to cast the spell are 'stored' in
         the golem. They are placed in a separate pile, face down,
         though the caster may look at them at any time.
         The cards 'stored' in the Golem may be used by the caster at
         any later point and for any purpose. Once used, each card is
         discarded as normal.