Archmage II : Beta Test Version

After what I can only describe as far too long, Archmage 2 is now beginning to take shape properly. The version to which this page is linked can be loosely described as 'Beta Test', but in fact is probably even less stable than that.

Obviously the aim of putting the game on the web at this early stage is to get feedback on what needs to be tweaked. So - lots of feedback please !


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Obviously since Archmage II is far from complete yet, it may change a great deal and without warning. Please do not distribute any of the Beta Test versions. The final version will be public domain, so just be patient ! Also note that the Beta Test versions will all be in a rather terse form - basically just my design notes. As such, unless you are quite familiar with Archmage I, you may well not be able to work out how to play the game ! A link to Archmage I is provided below.

Current version of Archmage 2 Beta Test :

Beta Test Version
Changes from previous version

Previous versions of Archmage 2 Beta Test :

Version 0.04

Link to Archmage 1 :


Once Archmage II is properly working I'm actually going to confuse you all by renaming it 'Archmage' (without the '2') and making it the first semi-official public domain version.

For those of you who have just found this at random on the WWW, the game is running in Oxford, UK. I suggest you go and have a look at the Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society homepage at