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Generating a fighter

Wherever there is conflict, people in need of protection on dangerous journeys, the fighter is guaranteed employment. They are skilled with all manner of weapons and their specialised combat techniques set them apart from the standard infantryman.
As a warrior, you are the strongest character in thegroup. This means that it is your responsibility to protect the weaker members of your party from attack. The Fighter should always go before any other party member (with the exception of the Scout) in the marching order to protect others from a frontal assault. If the party has several fighters it is also wise to place one at the rear to protect against sneak attacks as well.
Fighter Abilities

Level Hit Points Armour Class Skill Points Special Abilities
1st 32 2 1 1H weapon (illiterate)
2nd 40 3 2 2H weapon, read/write
3rd 48 4 3 +1 Damage, 1 language
4th 56 5 4 Two 1H weapons, Presence Attack
5th 64 6 5 +2 Damage, Sixth sense, 2 languages

The Special Abilities

Most of these are self explanatory - Fighters are not very subtle, they just get harder the higher the level they are.

2H weapon

The Fighter may use a 2H weapon, gaining the advantage of +1 damage and better reach.

Presence Attack

An Effect which makes monsters take notice of and in some cases fear you; explained in the Player's Handbook.

Sixth Sense

At 5th level fighters are so alert that any attempt to cosh or throat slit them (as per the Scout abilities) fails.

Fighter Skills

As well as their awesome fighting abilities warriors also get one or two special skills. Each level, you may choose one of the skills below. You may not select any one skill more than twice.


Fighters with this power may use it to deliver a Presence Attack (see Effects, Player's Handbook). The more impressive form is the Awe Attack, which you may use of you select the skill twice. This power may be used once per encounter.

At fourth level a fighter automatically gets a Presence Attack. If you have chosen this skill as well it is automatically upgraded to an Awe Attack; if you selected it twice, then once per adventure you may use Mighty Presence. Your presence is now legendary, and this power will guarantee the attention of your audience. It makes for the kind of leadership that is seen in the likes of General Accident and Lord Wrath. Exact effects are up to the GM.


Once per adventure, you may so terrify an opponent as to send them off in Fear (an Effect). The superior form of this power is Rout, which can be used against several opponents.

Disarm/Weapon Breaking

Once per encounter you may Disarm an opponent by striking their blade and crying "disarm!". They must then drop their weapon. The superior form of this power is Weapon Breaking, whereby you actually Shatter the weapon rather than cause them to drop it.

Thrown Weapon/Marksmanship

You have the ability to throw knives/axes/darts. You may use this power five (5) times per adventure. You must use your weapon hand (which must therefore be empty) and point at your target, saying "Thrown Weapon". If you are of a level where you get extra damage you may do extra damage with your missiles (double, triple). This ability is often used to disrupt spellcasters.

The superior form, Marksmanship, gives you ten (10) missiles per game.

Berserk/Mighty Strength

Once per adventure you may go Berserk, summoning up reserves of strength, and receiving +1 damage to your blows and +1 Armour Class. The superior form, Mighty Strength, gives you +2 damage/+2 AC.

Strong Will (NEW)

Once per game you may ignore the effects of any spell or creature power that causes Fear, Charm or Dominate. In order to do so you must call out "Resist!" In the superior form, you may use this twice.

True Faith (NEW)

Once per game you may turn undead as a Priest does. This power is only available to those truly saintly and devout warriors, and so you must satisfy a few roleplaying conditions. Firstly you must have a religeon and follow the edicts of it in the way that a Priest must. Secondly, you must behave in a goodly way to your party members, putting their safety above your own. Thirdly, you must behave honourably - no stabbing opponents in the back. If the GM believes you to have broken these rules they are at liberty to revoke your True Faith until you have repented your sin and atoned for it. If you take this power twice, you may repel a powerful undead (eg a minor Lich, or a Vampire) once per adventure with your aura of holiness. Note that this does not require you to have taken a level of priest.

Vitality (NEW)

Once per game you may regain some hit points. You may regain 1 hit point per location and 6 points to body total. If you take this power twice you may regain 2 hits per location and 12 points to body total. If the character has not yet used the power and has fallen unconscious (from body hit point loss) then this power will function automatically to bring them round to consciousness.

Your background as a Fighter (optional)

For your first character, you will be a native of Brandel. You have the option of playing an Army character or an Adventurer. For the former, you will start off with the basic rank of "Soldier" (alternatively "Trooper or "Private") and rise in rank as you become more experienced:

1st Level - Soldier/Trooper/Private
2nd Level - Sergeant
3rd Level - Lieutenant
4th Level - Captain
5th Level - Major

Although everyone gains experience at the same rate, you may be promoted or demoted if your actions warrant such. This has no effect on your experience level but it could mean that other, lower level PCs are able to order you around! Multi-classed PCs will also have a higher rank owing to their specialist knowledge. The PC's rank is left up to the GM.

If you are instead going to be a soldier-for-hire, you will come from either the Peasantry, Gentry or Nobility. Like rank, title has no effect on the game though for adventurers you may give yourself whatever title you like (e.g. "Captain", "Earl", "Prince", "Sieur" etc.).

Both freelance groups of warriors and the regiments within the Army are given distinctive names, such as the famous Prince Segwick's Green Breeches (Army) or Rilliken's Razors (Mercenaries). You may also use such a regiment to add colour to your character's history.

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