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The History of Kar Brandel

"The land we call the Marches has never been a peaceful one. Long before the Great War, long before even the first Marcher Lords, it was an untamed and barbaric place, where young men and women would journey from the Great Empire of Tirondel to seek their fortune. Tales were abound of monsters roaming the land, of mighty tribes of wild humans and wilder magic, and of the treasures that could be found. Then the first Marcher Lords came and established the Bastions, and steadily our pioneering ancestors carved out a home for mankind in the wild frontier. Then, when the men and women of the Marches had fought against their environment, and won, they looked to each other for new enemies. The bitter Border Wars began over territory claimed by each Bastion, and the settlers took on the harsh and violent edge of the land which they claimed, far removed from the Empire which their ancestors came from.

"There is a legend that one day the Green Moon will rise again in the sky. When that day comes, the rivers will burst their banks, the earth will shake and the stars will fall from the sky. When that happens the Great Mire will rise up and with it will come a tide of Darkness which will issue forth to consume us, just as seven hundred years ago it rose then, and the Darkness made war on our ancestors. Yet human lifespans are so short, and a seven-hundred year old legend is easily forgotten when there are more immediate concerns such as feeding one's family or making war on one's neighbour.

"Then in the year 1190, the Green Moon was once again visible in the sky. And as foretold, the rivers burst their banks and the earth shook, and the Great Mire flooded. It was then that we saw the face of our mortal enemy. They came on black galleons and swarmed across the frontier, pillaging everything in their wake. There were sub-human ogres and goblins, undead shades and skeletons, and their masters, the Dark Elves, and their leaders

Histories of Kar Brandel by various people:

(We cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.)

A True History, by Roderigo Squarl, Priest of Seniya

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