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Generating a mage

All magic in the Bastions originated in Chorovar, where the eight colours of Magic are personified in the eight noble houses of that Bastion. The Guild of mages is a large organisation, which grew from the merging of the small Brandel guild with that of Kar Chorovar, after the Bastion of Sorcery was almost destroyed by Talen Coldblood in 1193.
The present day guild is much like a University, with departments of the different Disciplines, known as Schools. There is some rivalry between the Schools, but this is only really pronounced in Kar Chorovar itself. Some mages show allegiance to a particular School by wearing the School's colour or crest.
Mage Abilities

Level Hit Points Armour Class Essence Points Special Abilities
1st 26 1 10 Read/write, dagger/wand, 1 language
2nd 28 1 20 2 language
3rd 30 2 30 3 languages
4th 32 2 40 4 languages
5th 34 3 50 5 languages, staff, Presence attack

The Special Abilities

Spell Casting

Their are eight different colours of magic, which the character may learn as he chooses:

The Discipline of Blue, the Art of Apportation
The Discipline of Gold, the Art of the Arcane
The Discipline of Green, the Art of Enrapture
The Discipline of White, the Art of Guardianship
The Discipline of Grey, the Art of Knowledge
The Discipline of Violet, the Art of Convokation
The Discipline of Brown, the Art of Essence Shaping
The Discipline of Red, the Art of War

Each level, the mage has five points to spend on bettering himself. At first level, a basic mage chooses one level in five of the schools. At subsequent levels, the mage may spend up to two points in each school (for a total of five points). For example, Rhazir the Artificer wishes to one day become an alchemist. As an apprentice (1st level) mage, he has knowledge of the Blue, Brown, Green, Grey and Gold disciplines. At second level, he spends two points in Brown (he wishes to become a creator of magical items), and two points in Grey (he prizes knowledge above destructive power). He has one more point to spend. He could buy another level in Blue, green, or Gold to give him level 2 in that school. However, wishing to broaden his abilities, he chooses a school which he previously did not know about, and gains one level of Violet (the art of Convokation). Rhazir has level 3 in Brown and Grey, and level one in Blue, Green, Gold, and Violet. He has no knowledge of White or Red (so he'd better stay out of combat).


The level of a spell is a measure of its power. The level that a mage has in a particular discipline is the limit to the level of spells he can cast from that school. In the above example, Rhazir the Artificer may cast any Brown or Grey spell up to 3rd level. He may only cast 1st level spells of the Gold, Green, Blue and Violet disciplines, and he may not cast Red or White spells. This may seem confusing. Rhazir is a second level mage, but he can cast 3rd level spells. The difference lies between the experience level of the character (how many adventures he/she has gone on), and the discipline levels of the character (how much magical knowledge he/she has). From hence forth, all talk of levels will pertain to the levels a mage has in the individual disciplines.

Casting Spells

Casting a spell requires a expenditure of essence (mage spell points) equal to the level of the spell. These usually come in the form of sweets to be consumed before the casting. Additionally, casting any spell requires a verbal, unless otherwise stated. This represents the complex verbal and other components, and the casting time, of the spell. The length of the verbals required are determined by its own level.

1st level spell "By my power, "
2nd level spell "By the power of the Discipline, "
3rd level spell "By the power of the Discipline, the Art of , "
4th level spell "By the might of the mysteries arcane I call the power of the Discipline, the Art of , "
5th level spell "By my mastery of the powers that harken from the great mystery arcane I call the power of the Discipline, the Art of , "

Example: If Rhazir wished to cast Shatter, he would eat 2 spell points, say the verbal "By the power of the Brown Discipline, Shatter" and touch the target item.


A mage always carries a dagger or a wand until at 5th level the mage may use a staff.
A mage always does only single damage.

Presence Attack

An Effect which makes monsters take notice of and in some cases fear you; explained in the Player's Handbook.

The Spells

A complete listing of the spells can be found here

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