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Generating a priest

A priest is a devotee of a particular religeon. The Priest is unique amongst the four adventuring character classes, in that there is no Priest's Guild; instead they serve a particular temple of the Celestial Host in Brandel. The Host is the pantheon of the gods of Kar Brandel and the civilised world, and there are nine commonly worshipped established gods within Kar Brandel.
A priest's foremost duty is to his god, which lies above even his liege-lord. Priests are not drafted into the Brandel Army, but some join volountarily out of a sense of duty to the Forces of Good. For similar reasons, many priests are adventurers, seeing Lord Brandel as the hand of the Celestial Host, labouring to bring light and truth into the land. In theory, therefore, they are more easily motivated than other characters, asking no personal reward for their efforts - although any donation to the church funds would be gratefully received.
Priests are capable characters in both fighting and magic. In the party they are ideal for supporting the Fighter characters, being allowed to wear some armour and heft a mace around. If your party does not have enough fighters to have one guarding the rear, a Priest is a handy alternative. In addition, the Priest has divine magic at his disposal (called "miracles"). This is power granted directly by his deity. He has the power to heal, to commune with his god, and to turn undead creatures as well as some abilities more specific to his particular religon.
As a priest, you have to select a god to worship when creating your character. A complete list of the nine gods of Kar Brandel and their current High Priests and Priestesses can be found here.
Priestly Abilities

Level Hit Points Armour Class Spell Points Special Abilities
1st 28 2 6 1H weapon, read/write, turn undead
2nd 32 2 12 1 language
3rd 36 3 18 2 languages
4th 40 3 24 Presence Attack
5th 44 4 30 2H weapon

The Special Abilities

Spell Casting

All priests are given power from their god to heal their allies, protect themselves, smite their enemies and divine the truth. See the magic section to find out which spells your god grants you. Each level of Priest grants you access to that level of priestly magic. Your spell points tell you how many spells you can cast: a first level spell costs one spell point to cast, a second level spell costs two, and so on, until your source of spell points is exhausted.

A Complete list of the spells for priests can be found here.

Turn Undead

All good priests of the Celestial Host, especially Pholtus, abhor undead as evil and unnatural abominations. A priest can use his or her faith to repel undead creatures. This is done by holding up your holy symbol in between you and the undead monster and commanding it to go back. Very weak undead may flee at the sight of the holy symbol. More powerful undead (ghouls, zombies, skeletons) will be held at bay as long as the symbol is between them and you - but be warned, they can and will attempt to get around your holy symbol by attacking from the side or rear. Very strong undead may not be affected at all.


A priest normally carries a 1H weapon. Many religeons enforce the rule that priests may only use a blunt instrument such as the mace, but this is up to the GM.
At 5th level the priest may use a 2H weapon and deals double damage with it.

Presence Attack

An Effect which makes monsters take notice of and in some cases fear you; explained in the Player's Handbook.

The Temples

The Temples maintain close links with the other Guilds within the Adventurer's Guild, and benefit from training in other fields in return for spiritual guidance and assistance on missions. The Paladins and Templars (fighter/priest characters) of Pholtus and Silloth are trained by the fighter's guild. The more naturalistic religeons such as Hulstulein cooperate with the Scouts' Guild in the training of first aid and natural medicine, and such temples have their own Pathfinders (scout/priest characters) who act as messengers and explorers for the temple. Yet perhaps the most unlikely alliance is that of the Mages' Guild with the Priesthood, as well as other scholarly organisations, in the form of the Guild of Savants. Despite their members' competence in the arts arcane, however, the Savants are rarely seen adventuring, prefering to formulate theory rather than gain experience of the outside world.

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