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Heros of Kar Brandel

Sieur Galron
Galron is the head of the Fighter's Guild. He is a respected leader although he is not as strong in combat as he used to be, having never fully recovered from an assassination attempt two years ago.
General Accident
Famous for his battle-cry of "Mow Them Down!", the General is one of the greatest warriors Brandel's army has ever produced. His roots lie as a poor farmer's son in one of the outlying villages; he was spotted one day by a recruiting officer, who was impressed with his speed and skill at the use of a scythe out in the wheat fields.
Snow Dragonfriend
A paladin and friend since childhood of the late Lord Terevan, Snow was a superb fighter and a key element in the Battle of Thorny Knoll, where he dispatched the Lich King and the Black Wizard. Snow has not been seen since the murder of the old Lord Brandel.
Sieur Fraegar
Fraegar was both a competent fighter and a mage to boot. After he resigned he travelled south to help Kar Chorovar recover its military strength following the first Chorovian Seige. Fraegar is sadly presumed dead since the massive explosion which turned the Bastion of the Mages into the magical Vortex.
General Kathros
Kathros the warrior was rewarded with rank following his efforts along with other characters such as Cheradienne, the scout, and the bard Arioche in the defence of Brandel from an assault from the Shadow Plane. He, along with many of his party, now serve Lord Brandel leading the front line against the Pact.
Bezique was once famously jailed for championing the cause of the peasants during the hard times of the Shadowpact invasion. Bezique was a strong believer in the right of Lord Pearce Brandel to rule, and during his rule was appointed Court Mage. Bezique had a long term rivalry with Darcovar, particularly in view of the fact he was never appointed head of the Mage Guild.

Bezique eventually went the way of almost all mages and was killed by Kathros while attempting to sacrifice him in the summoning of the evil Elemental Prince of Fire.

Darcovar was the first mage to rise through the newly implemented 'House' system in the Guild of Mages, eventually rising to the Head of the Guild. Darcovar was eventually killed when he was discovered to be an agent of the ShadowPact
One time student of Bezique and second 'Champion of the People' Klaberjazz was primarily editor of the Brandel Bugle. Klaberjazz was jailed and then executed for items that appeared in the Bugle that did not agree with the political views of Lord Ferlad Brandel.
Pierre was Kar Brandel's first research magician and is current Head of the Mage Guild and Court Mage. Pierre's greatest success and greatest failure is his creation of automatons.
Sieur Samuel Oakson
Sieur Samuel was once head of the Scouts Guild and servant of the Silver Oak, before its destruction.
Sieur Quint Mayberry
Another one-time guildmaster of the guild of scouts.
The current high Priestess of Valkryst
One of Kar Brandel's most famous bards, and a dedicated follower of the Harlequin.
Lord Skryme Dragonsbane
A very powerful fighter, Lord Skryme held the post of Lord Chief Justice during the reign of Lord Terrance Brandel and briefly again at the start of Lord Ferlad Brandel's rule.Lord Skryme was responsible for the death of Klaberjazz in 1195.
Marshal Lawe
Marshal Lawe arrived in Kar Brandel in 1194 as a representative of the Empire, and to prepare the way for the arrival of the Empire's first legion. Marshal Lawe died by falling from the top of the Temple of Valkryst. Stories still abound as to whether he was murdered or not.
Cepulia was once a student of Darcovar, and still resides in his tower, after being cleared of any involvement in his treachery. Cepulia is still young but her talents are undoubtedly very strong, but completely without control.
Marsh Tremain
The First editor (with Yoffy Tektos) of the Brandel Bugle
The Karan Hawk
One time leader of the resistance forces of Kar Karan and follower of the Harlequin.
Gael Pettiwell
Gael Pettiwell was once Chancellor to Lord Brandel. His mind became slightly unhinged after the death of his wife and child at the hands of a giant Earth Elemental.
Another of Brandel's famous bards, famous for his spontaneous ditties
Saint Cherat
One of the four companions of the Silver Oak.
Saint Hagar
One of the four companions of the Silver Oak. He was the first to weald Deathsbane, and banished Zed from this world
Saint Jarrert
One of the four companions of the Silver Oak, and former guildmaster of the Scouts' guild Jarrert married Lady Scylla, daughter of a former Lord Wrath.
Alfred Butterfingers
Alfred was present at the Battle of Thorny Knoll.
Duncan Muncaster
Leader of the revival of belief in the god Verlathion.

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