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Generating a scout

Kar Brandel's scouts are descended from the original pioneers which settled the Marches long ago, and their training reflects this. They are vital to the war effort, for without constant monitoring of the front line by the various outposts, the Shadow Pact could easily penetrate our defences. Their usefulness in reconnaisance is also the reason why they are of particular use in the adventuring party.
Scouts have several functions, but their primary duty is as an advance warning to the rest of the party of any danger up ahead. They are able to sneak up unnoticed on monsters when other characters would be seen. As a scout, your role within the party is to travel slightly ahead of the main party to spot any potential encounters, and return to the group periodically to report. Scouts are the people who prevent the rest of the party from blundering into Shadow Pact patrols.
The scout's secondary functions are as an auxilliary fighter, a modest healer, and a disguise artist. While only lightly armoured, scouts can dodge blows in combat and if they are unseen by the monsters can score extra damage on their foes with a backstab. Unlike fighters, who normally take the brunt of a frontal attack, scouts are most effective when attempting to flank the opponents whilst they are distracted.
Scouts may heal people by binding their wounds. They are also capable of brewing herbal potions which can restore strength, and derive blade venom from poisonous plants. Finally, they are able to disguise themselves, for infiltration missions. They are very much a class of all-rounders, and are trained to be versatile.
Scout Abilities

Level Hit Points Armour Class Dodges Backstab damage Healing Sneak distance Disguises Special Abilities
1st 30 1 1 Double 2/enc 10m 1 1-h weapon, brew potion
2nd 36 2 1 Triple 4/enc 8m 2 1 language, read/write
3rd 42 2 2 Quad 6/enc 6m 3 2 languages
4th 48 3 2 Quin 8/enc 4m 4 Cosh/Throat slit, 3 languages
5th 54 3 3 Sex 10/enc 2m 5 +1 damage, 4 languages

The Special Abilities


Once per encounter, the scout may dodge a certain number of blows, thereby escaping the most serious injuries in a fight. The battleboarder will tell you which blows you should dodge if you don't know.


If a scout is presented with a clear view of an opponents back, and may attack unseen, he may perform a backstab. This may only be done once (after you strike the monster they tend to realise you're there). The damage done is greater than a normal blow: eg. a first level scout will do Double, a fourth level scout will do Quin, etc.


Scouts are healers as well as warriors. They may heal up to 2 points of damage per encounter per level, by binding wounds and administering poultices.


If a scout is sneaking and is in reasonable cover, he will not be detected by monsters if he is at a distance away greater than the distance noted in the chart above.


A scout may select one disguise when appropriate. This is changing one's appearance to appear as a member of a different race (Orc, Dark Elf, etc), but should be a humanoid race: no giant scorpions or lions. The character may alternatively choose to look like a different human. In addition, at 4th level or greater, the scout may attempt to disguise himself as a particular person. The effectiveness of this depends upon the likelyhood of the disguise succeeding... "y'know, I coulda sworn Thrud was bigger... hey you, wait a minute!"

Brew Potions

Scouts may brew healing salves and blade venom, and other natural drugs. They are considered to make one level of potion per level of experience per adventure - first level scouts receive one free potion, second level scouts may choose two first level or one second level etc....
For a complete list of scout potions click here.

Cosh or Throat Slit

The scout may, if they have a suitable weapon (a small cosh or a dagger), incapacitate an enemy if they manage to sneak up on the monster without noticing. This does not work if they are detected.

The Scouts' Guild

Brandel people have always been woodsmen, and the scouts have always played an important part in the defence of the territory. Yet the idea of a guild of scouts is relatively new, as before the techniques learned were either learned as a way of life in rural areas or as part of military training.

The Guild was founded some forty years ago by a man named Sieur William Baden. He was returning from his final campaign against the northern barbarian tribes, and was greeted by an enormous crowd of well-wishers. As was customary for a returning hero, he had a bag of copper coins which he planned to shower the townsfolk with. However, when he reached down for the bag at his belt, it was gone! His sharp senses detected the thief and he pounced before the cutpurse could escape. To his amazement it was a boy, only nine years old! The crowd were outraged and the Watch was called for. However, the kind-hearted Baden did not want to see a child thrown in jail, and so decided to take the boy into his own custody. After the boy had been washed and properly fed, Baden learned that the lad, whose name was Jackard, was one of many youths who had grown up with no proper discipline, no vocation and nothing to do, who took to a life of crime as their only means of support. Baden was so moved that he vowed to do something to improve the lot of these young urchins.

And so, the first unofficial Brandel Scouts' Guild was founded. Baden took young offenders and vagabonds who had lived all of their lives in the city out into the countryside to experience nature, camping and sports. It was a success. More importantly, though, he noted that many of these young thieves had all of the survival and stealth skills of experienced military scouts. Following this revelation, he decide to begin training the boys in other skills, such as first aid, which were essential to a true scout - although he omitted ones such as how to brew poison and strike fatal wounds. In time, the young men came to look upon him as the father figure that they never had.

Jackard's Rangers

The story now moves on five years. Jackard and the rest of Baden's first Scout Troupe had grown up and left the movement to join the Army. Baden continued to help the community as the Scout Leader, but the Guild as a whole was not recognised as a true centre for training of adventurers.

That changed with Jackard's Rangers and the Battle of Torton Hill. A group of Orc bandits were terrorising the village of Torton. Quite by chance, Baden's original scouts led by Jackard were carrying out their first unaccompanied mission to scout out the surrounding area. Upon spotting the beseiged village they decided at once to help, and formulated an attack strategy. Using stealth they caught the orcs by surprise and had dispatched half of the raiding party before they were even seen, routing the others. After tending to the wounded villagers, they tracked the orcs back to their den and slew them like vermin.

News of their victory got back to their commanding officer who intended to decorate them. He was curious as to how a group of raw recruits could best a larger force of savage orcs, and when he asked them they attributed their skills to their one time tutor, Baden. This news in turn was passed on to the Captain of the garrison, who told the General, who brought it to the attention of Lord Brandel himself. Intrigued, Lord Brandel arranged to meet with the (now quite old) war hero, and was pleasently surprised to find that not only was Baden clearing the streets of troublesome youngsters, he was also providing the bastion with competent and enthusiastic recruits for its army.

In honour of Baden's efforts, Lord Brandel made the descision to officially incorporate the Scouts' Guild into the Adventurers' Guild. This new institution was used as a recruitment and training centre for Army scouts as well as a guild of wayfarers and guides, and Baden continued to tutor the newcomers until his death a few years later, when Jackard took over the position as head instructor. From then on, the guild has since grown in size and diversity, and Lord Brandel capitalises fully on the talent it generates.

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