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Clans of the Camarilla

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The Clans of the Camarilla

The Camarilla is composed of seven of the vampire clans. Each has different abilities or Disciplines; these are described at the end. The clans are:


Called anarchs by some and visionaries by others (primarily themselves), the Brujah are Clan which has changed much since its earliest nights. They are divided into three chief groups; the iconoclasts are by far the most numerous, and are the source of the stereotypical Brujah - loud, arrogant and very angry. The Idealists are at the other extreme; as scholars and diplomats, they seek to recreate the glory of the city Carthage, wherein Kine and Kindred lived together in harmony, until a coalition of the other Clans brought it low. The third group, the Individualists, walk between these extremes, trying to find their own path in the night.

The disciplines of the Brujah are Potence, Celerity and Presence; they suffer more deeply from the rages of the Beast Within than do most others.


These are the most nomadic of the Kindred, being amongst the few who will brave the wilderness and the dangers that it brings - lack of prey, being exposed to sunlight, and the lethal werewolves who name themselves Garou. They are highly prized as messengers when more conventional means fail, and as warriors of great skill, but as the ages pass, they become more and more bestial in appearance themselves, and tend to withdraw from most company.

The Gangrel disciplines are Fortitude, Animalism and Protean, the last of these is almost unheard of outside of this clan.


The Blood of Malkav brings both madness and enlightenment, though not always in equal measure. Little is understood about this Clan, except that each member is insane in their own unique way, and they exist in a state barely within the influence of the Camarilla. It is rumored that they are members of the Sabbat, deal with demons and are the creators of all the chaos in the world. If they are rarely respected, they are often feared.

The Malkavian disciplines are Obfuscate, Auspex and Dementation, a discipline unique to the Clan.


These Kindred are all, without fail, hideously ugly. The vitae running through their veins dissolves whatever features they may have possessed, leaving them inhuman and outcast. They live in the places which the Kine would rather forget, the darkest parts of sewers and the most dilapidated buildings of slums. It is mostly due to their influence that the underbellies of most cities are labyrinths to which no accurate map exists. The Nosferatu act as information brokers in the city; with their powers they may hide in plain sight, and view the world through the bodies of animals.

The disciplines of the Nosferatu are Obfuscate, Animalism and Potence.


The Toreador are, along with the Ventrue, the mightiest clan of the Camarilla. They are a mixture of models, artists and wannabies. They have defined the social structure of the Camarilla from its earliest days, and it is by their measure that individual Kindred of all of the Clans rise and fall. The Havens of Elder Toreador are full of priceless art in all its forms, as well as perhaps a few attempts made by the Elders themselves...

The Toreador disciplines are Presence, Celerity and Auspex.


The only Clan to rival the disgust in which the Nosferatu and the suspicion in which the Malkvians are held, the magi of Kindred society are secretive indeed. Each city with a Tremere presence holds a Chantry, where their arcane artifacts and books of Thaumaturgical lore are held, and most Kindred would give much for such items. This is the youngest of the Clans, barely a millennia old, but their ruthlessness and power is such that the others have no choice but to admit the Warlocks to their ranks.

Their disciplines are Auspex, Dominate and, unique to their Clan, Thaumaturgy.


If the Toreador are the artists and socialites of Vampire society, then the Ventrue are its nobility. The Clan with both the greatest wealth and influence in the mortal world, it is hailed as the founder of the Camarilla, and names such as Hardestadt, Mithras and now Giles Rentre* are held up as martyrs for the greatest of Vampire sects. More Princes are drawn from the ranks of this Clan than any other, including Lady Anne, previously Prince of London, as well as the returned Mithras. They follow the motto "To rule in Blood is to rule in truth".

The disciplines of Fortitude, Presence and Dominate are the bloodright of the Ventrue.

* The Hero of Oxford and Destroyer of Job. His sacrifice was the greater because he was forced to pretend to be a Caitiff owing to the machinations of Don Marco, a former Ventrue Primogen of Oxford now revealed to be a diabolist, and destroyed.


The weak-blooded are members of no Clan, and are universally reviled. When they are allowed to stay in a city, it is at the sufferance of the Prince, and few obtain such permission. This leaves them with few options - some are relegated to the most dangerous feeding areas, and perish or go insane, while others go rogue and ignore the Camarillas' authority, and meet their end at the hands of Archons.

The Caitiff, being of mongrel blood, develop disciplines as they are fortunate enough to be taught them.


Animalism - The ability to communicate with and master both animals and the Beast Within, the ravening force which threatens every Kindred's soul.

Auspex - This is the art of supernatural sight, telepathy and the enhancement of the mind.

Celerity - Supernatural speed and agility.

Dementation - The ability to drive others insane, and draw upon the abilities of insight that come from madness. Unique to the Malkavians.

Dominate - The overriding of the will of a victim with that of the Vampires'.

Fortitude - Both endurance and resistance to physical harm come from this power.

Obfuscate - The ability to conceal oneself and others from detection.

Potence - Supernatural strength.

Presence - The ability to control the emotions of others.

Protean - The ability to change shape and alter the substance of one's own body. Unique to the Gangrel.

Thaumaturgy - Magic based on the power inherent in the Vitae (blood) of the Kindred. Unique to the Tremere.