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Vampire: Creating characters

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Note: This is information for last year and is probably out of date. There may be a new system being used this year...

If you want to create a character, the thing to do is get in touch with one of the GMs. That said, there's some information here to help with the process. If you don't know anything about Vampire or how to create characters in it, only the first bit will make much sense to you, though.

The first step is to work out what sort of character you want to play - who they are, what they're like, whether they're likely to help rebuild Oxford or to try and take over the ruins.

Bear in mind that Vampire includes tabletop sessions as well as the fortnightly live-action meetings. The tabletop sessions are for things that happen between general Vampire conclaves (see Giles' reports on the History page for examples), and are usually held on a Thursday at Games Night (see RPGsoc termcard). If you can't make these it's probably not a good idea to create an action-oriented character who'd be involved in these events. On the other hand, if you do want to get involved in the tabletop sessions, a character who can survive some nasty situations would be a good idea (although it's sometimes possible to join in as an NPC character instead).

Characters can be from any of the main seven Camarilla clans, or can be clanless. If you really really want to play a different clan, you're welcome to talk to Ben about it. If it's an incredibly interesting and original character idea, he might even let you have it, although he tends to save up all the least pleasant bits of the plot for such characters.

You get 8/6/4 points on your attributes (that's 8 on the primary ones, 6 on the secondary ones, and so on; this is the point where it becomes incomprehensible to those who haven't played it before, so if you don't know what I'm talking about get in touch with a GM). All attributes begin at one point before you spend these.
16/9/5 for your abilities.
5 points for Disciplines (clan ones, of course).
7 points for backgrounds.
7 points for virtues. As with attributes, these begin at one.
30 (yes, thirty) freebie points.

Normal rules for spending freebie points are used (ie. 5 for an attribute point, and so on), except that you get 1 extra willpower point per freebie point, as in the 1st edition rules.

This stuff is provided just so that players can do some of the creation stuff on their own. However, the GMs need to see all the character sheets, preferably a reasonable time before the game. It's quite likely we may want to change this or that, particularly in the background. We prefer to prelude players if possible (ie. go over with them how they became a vampire, their previous history, etc.) All characters are subject to GM approval, of course. You can contact us to get blank character sheets, discuss character ideas, ask questions, or whatever, by email, pigeon post or phone. By far the best thing to do, though, is to come along to Games Night on a Thursday and talk to one of us then.