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For those not present at the weekends Conclave, or those who wish to see the exact wording for their records, the following is a reprint of the declaration by the Justicars regarding Clan Giovanni.
Yours faithfully, Nicholas Hyatt Archon to Justicar Shreck
This message to be delivered to the Kindred of Oxford, in general meeting.
The Clan Giovanni, long known as one of the major powers in the world, is to join the Camarilla. This has been ratified and sealed by all Justicars and all members of the Inner Council, coming into force at midnight on the 22nd October, 1998. An eighth Justicar joins our ranks, and it is anticipated that Lorenzo Giovanni will fulfill this role with his customary excellence. The headquarters of the new Justicar's Office will be in Venice, which is sealed off to all Kindred except by order of Justicar. APplications for the post of Giovanni Archon may apply, in writing, through the local Archon's Office, or Prince.
Finally, at the next full meeting of the Inner Council, in 2005, it is eagerly anticipated that Augustus Giovanni will take his seat amongst that assemblage.
By my hand and seal,
Justicar Michael Antonius Jean-Joselch Jocastacius
Witnessed and sealed,
Justicar Petrodon
Justicar Chesta