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This is the web page for the Oxford RPGSoc Vampire game. Quoting from the society flyer, this is "a darker game...with a moody, atmospheric feel, based heavily on emotions and character development". Another more recent basis for the game is gratuitously blowing up bits of Oxford. Most styles of play fit in somewhere or another. Vampire is primarily a live-action game, with meetings held fortnightly, usually on a Saturday. (Impressive and/or pretentious costumes welcome.) There are also occasional table-top games on Thursdays at Games Night.

Things have begun again. Strange visitors, complex status games, a revolvers worth of bullets all, a new regent, a visting brace of Archons and the decleration that England is no longer part of the Camarilla all took place last Conclave. Will the peace hold until the next one - Friday 8th Week, last meeting of the term. New Players are welcome to turn up on the day. However those wishing to create characters beforehand should e-mail the GMs and/or turn up at Games Night.

Also come along to Games Night on Thursdays; we run tabletop sessions some weeks. These tend to be more action-oriented than the fortnightly meetings. For examples of the kind of thing that happens, see Giles Rentre's reports on the History page and the reports of events last term.

Basic information about the background setting of Vampire:

Oxford and what happened therein:

Current Reports and Information:

Characters and where they come from:

To join the game, for more information about any of the above, or to simply praise our fabulous management of the game, contact one of the GMs.
In addition GMs will be present at games night this every Thursday in order to help new players create characters and answer any questions. Games Night takes place in the Pusey room Keble College, 7:30 until late.
We are as follows:

It's also a good idea to get onto the mailing list for the game. To do this, send an email to with no subject line; the message should consist of the single line: "subscribe rpgsocv".