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Titles are getting there.

Inhabitants (PC and NPC)


Verity Stranger (Sarah Blake) (Primogen including unrepresented Clans)(
Hanakawa Akira (Christopher Johnstone) (
Chris Burgess (Steve Jessop) (
Miriel de jarnette (Andromeda Wood)(


Alastair Stone (Chris Venus) (Primogen)(Deputy Constable) (
Nathan Hunter (John Phillips) (


Jason Whitby (Rupert Smith) (Primogen) (Lord Examiner) (Constable) (Regent) (
Steven Kraing (Robin Adams) (
Rosie (Katy Ricketts) ( (BR)Cybele (Elanor Orebi Gann) (
Matthew (NPC)


Albon (Benjamin Mann) (
Phil (Matthew Nesbit) (
Nigel (Dhaieve Ceiphre)
Christian (Adam Howard)


Isobel Wren (Sarah Dorrance) (
Sapphire (Corinne Berg) (
Annabelle Selene James (Amanda Clarke) (
Sam (Jo Smith) (


Dr. Virgil Stanton (John Reynolds) (Primogen) (
Lazarus (Hanbury Hampden-Turner) (
Morgan Cave (Elizabeth Wootten) (
Phil (Tony Short) (
Nicholas Hyatt (Warlock) (Archon) (
Lethe (Krystyna Joyce) (Deputy Constable)(
Gabriel (Matthew Harvey) (


Jeremy Chappel (Reuben Wright) (Archon)(
William E. F. Kellaway (Steve Pearson) (Primogen)(Deputy Constable) (
Philip P. Philips (Edward Robinson) (
Stephan Rougette (Martin Hornsey) (
Leanna Jocastacius (Emma Stuttard) (
Francesca Giovanni (Kate Harding again)(Chancellor) (
Tatyana Primakov (Pippa Crosby) (


Jonathan Rollands (Michael Sweeney)(Examiner) (
Sian (Kate Harding) (


Patricia Ingham (clan unknown) (Corinne Berg) (
Raven (Assamite) (Connor)
Samantha (Setite) (

Those Waiting for Entry

Known Visitors


Cato (Marc Wilkinson) (


Vojeck Olevski (Simon Foster)


Tom (aka Richard, aka Harry) (Dhaeive Ceiphre) (
Paul Harris (Peter Newman)
Preacher (Richard Gaywood) (


Maria-Lucia Assumpta von Kiershberg (NPC) - A Tremere who used to live in Oxford.


Chevalier Marc-Antoine de Chiron (NPC)
Michael Phillips (Tommy Wareing) (
Philip P. Philips (Edward Robinson)(Ex-Prince) (


Ezekiel Goode (NPC) - left Oxford at the start of summer 1998. Has not been seen or heard from since.

Some NPCs and famous Kindred:

Karl Shreck (Tremere) - Justicar Tremere
Petrodan (Nosferatu) - Justicar Nosferatu
Chesta (Malkavian) - Justicar Malkavian
Charles Gregor (Toreador) - Justicar Toreador
Emma Mortimer (Brujah) - Justicar Brujah
Xavier (Gangrel) - Justicar Gangrel
Lorenzo Giovanni (Giovanni) - Justicar Giovanni
Jean-Josech Jocastacius (Ventrue) - Justicar Ventrue
Madame (Nosferatu) - Head of the Camarilla Inner Council
Menelaus (Brujah) - Member of the Camarilla Inner Council
Helena (Toreador) - Member of the Camarilla Inner Council
Aristotle (Gangrel) - Member of the Camarilla Inner Council
Etrius (Tremere) - Member of the Camarilla Inner Council
Sadista (Malkavian) - Member of the Camarilla Inner Council
Thomas Jocastacius (Ventrue) - Member of the Camarilla Inner Council
Lily (Tremere) - Prince of Oxford by order of the Camarilla Inner Council, now missing presumed dead.
Mithras (Ventrue) - Historical Prince of London previously believed dead, now returned to take his place.
Lady Anne (Ventrue) - Ex-prince of London.
John Simcoe - Representative of the Technocracy.

Obituary - the dead and the vanished

Note: being included here doesn't necessarily mean a character is dead. Not being included doesn't necessarily mean someone's alive, either... Oh, and these are only PCs; I've left NPCs in their own section below.

Ex-Player Characters

Simon de Bret (Tremere) (Edward Robinson) - Last seen staked and en route to Vienna.
Timothy Kirkhope (Caitiff) (Andrew Lucas) - Vanished shortly after he was staked.
Harlequin Lucifre (Brujah) (Vicky Seaman) - Last seen the night before her haven was blown up.
Jonas (Ventrue) (Simon Marshall) - Last seen some days before the fire in his haven.
Mortimer deSteiger (Toreador) (Joe Grove) - Hasn't been seen for quite a while, now.
Karl (Brujah) (Chris Perkins) - Last seen shortly before the fire in his haven.
Angharad Davies (Toreador) (Sarah Blake) - Explosion in her haven...
Leigh Saracen (Avril Huston) - Not been seen since the fire in the community centre...
Heracles (Chris Venus) - Hasn't been seen recently either.
Wastit (Malkavian) (Alex Cairns) - Killed in the Garou attack on Oxford.
Aelle (Caitiff) (Chris Perkins) - Killed in the Garou attack on Oxford.
Jack Hyde (Caitiff) (Martin Lloyd) - Vanished, leaving a farewell note and message saying that he was about to die.
Anon (Brujah) (Chris Perkins) - Apprehended by the Archon after attempting to raid Tremere goods.
Christopher (Toreador) (Christopher Johnston) - Killed by spirits on the night of the Giovanni ritual.
Lorenzo Giovanni (Giovanni) (Steve Jessop) - Sacrificied himself in the ritual to destroy Job.
William Dickens (Nosferatu) (Tony Rickey) - Briefly visited the conclave before the ritual; present whereabouts and fate unknown.
Jarraline D'arraby (Gangrel) (Amanda Clarke) - disappeared from Oxford sometime in the trouble before summer.
Sarah Jones (Nosfertu) (Jo Smith) - Vanished from Oxford around Christmas 97.
Shadow (Gangrel) (Sarah Blake) - Not seen since the night of the ritual.
Celeste Von Dreson (Victoria Seaman) - recalled to Vienna in a box.
Richard Walker (Gangrel) - Diablerised the childe of Lady Anne and is currently under world-wide bloodhunt. (Dead)
Giles Rentre (Ventrue) - The Saviour of Oxford, now deceased. See older history page.
Azraelle (Mahlete-Tsige Getachew) - Dead
Phaedrus (Tom Hartney) (

Non Player Characters

Muktar Bhay (?) - Individual currently present in Oxford, claiming to be from the southern principalities. (Believed to be imprisoned)
Walks On Numbers - A Garou (werewolf) from the Oxford area. (Dead)
Andreas Hunter (Gangrel) - Archon dealing with the Garou war. (Dead)
Oliver (?) - Believed to be one of the Inconnu. Seen briefly before Summer of 98.