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Battle at Blenheim Palace

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From Simon de Bret (Edward Robinson)

The idea was to deal with some of the rubbish messing up park-town. Jarralin's initial scouting revealed Walks-On-Numbers talking to several other spirals but before we had time to take any action they set off in a Limo. It was obviously not an ordinary car as it ignored our attempts to stop it and then drove straight \through/ a car that Jarralin made swerve in front of it.
When we arrived the three Blenheim Garou were surrounded. Jarralin drew one off and then blew it apart with Oliver's bullets. A slight ripple in the earth preceded Walker's arrival as a fifteen foot Chronos. He dismembered one of the Garou as he emerged in the middle of the Cairn. One of the others then grew to twice his size and we hoped that it would at least make a fight of it but Richard dispatched it with Pitiful ease. Fortunately we hadmanaged to dispose of all but one of the Spirals [it proved to be immune to Oliover's bullets] before Walker turned to us. The surviving Spiral leapt on the helpless Goode but Jarraline slapped some smetex on it's back, getting the timing just right to avoid the explosion. She then engaged it heroically in close combat: ultimately emerging victorious at great personal cost.
Meanwhile the abomination caught the fleeing Saracen and Rollands in the van and was about to slaughter them when I intervened. Jack had reagined control by then and was even flying safely out of the Abomination's range yet the abomination had plenty of time to attack me before anyone bothered to help. Incredibly I was still alive when Hyde finally saw fit to help: he managed to send it howling towards the city! In apparently perfect health! Without any attempt at pusuit!
Meanwhile Patricia had dealt with the Nexus Crawler and it was sent back rather confused to the sewers where it belongs. Returning to Christ Church Oliver was able to help and get the Abomination out of frenzy before it did any damage: this cost him a frightful amount of power and I fear he may not be the same again.
Yours Ever,
Simon de Bret,
Tremere Primogen.