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Vampire: Report for 30/10/97

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From Angharad Davies (Sarah Blake)

The following is a copy of the version of events I have sent to the Justicar, plus a few points I think we may wish to address.

Place : Carfax Tower, on the corner of Cornmarket St and Queen St
Time : 9:30 approx

The first list above were present at a flat belonging to Jonathan to discuss the Nexus Crawler situation, when Lazarus warned us that something unpleasant would be ocurring at Carfax Tower in the near future. In the face of Lazarus's refusal to tell us what was to occur, or how he knew, we decided that events necessitated our personal investigation.

Drawing near to Carfax Tower, a figure with blood-red eyes was seen atop the Tower with a sniper rifle pointed at a pair of Vampires not previously seen in the city. I threw them to the ground while Ezekiel placed himself in the path of the gunshot. While the sniper shot at the mortals around, I quickly made my way to the tower door and picked the lock. As Jonathan and myself prepared to enter, however, a shotgun blast tore through my leg, rendering me unable to dodge as the top of the tower fell off and the tower itself turned to obsidian. It is believed that Lazarus may have had something to do with this. In the meantime, Simon had conducted a ritual to cover the area in fog, although this disguise against possible Masquerade breaches was wiped out at the same time as the tower's transformation.

Jonathan, Lazarus and Simon entered the tower, where Patricia (Gangrel Primogen) was found tied up and, according to Lazarus, her body unoccupied by her soul, although she woke when her bonds were removed.

The stranger vampires lifted the top of the tower off me before leaving, and I also entered the tower and instructed Patricia to go somewhere safer. Ezekiel carried an injured mortal to the arriving emergency services, but on their insistence that he get in an ambulance as well, fled towards the tower. Michael remained removed from events in order to be able to prevent police intervention.

Inside the tower, Jonathan was attacked by someone wielding an axe and fought back with a sword borrowed from my collection. I checked the rest of the tower.

Outside, Michael unfortunately failed to prevent armed police from entering the tower. Seeing that I was armed they fired upon me, and I disarmed them with minimum force. It is to my detriment that I lost control and frenzied at this point, despite Ezekiel's best attempts to restrain me. I ran outside, and into Lorenzo who forcibly parted my mind from my body. These unfortunate events would not, I believe, have occurred had we had time to regain our former control of Oxford's police force.

We collected the bodies of those enemies within the tower and returned to Jonathan's flat, where I was restored to my body.


While Lorenzo prepared to talk to the souls of the dead, Patricia unexpectedly arrived at the flat with an air of Majesty about her and asked to speak to Lazarus alone. During their conversation a loud explosion was heard, and we rushed outside to see a toasted and charred body, which disappeared and was replaced by a whole and unharmed Lazarus. He urged Patricia to get help and tole her 'I've seen this before'. Precisely what it was he had seen before he declined to explain. Patricia strolled off at some 30mph, only to reappear later within the flat from thin air. Some conversation elicited the fact that she had a 'happy ball' that spoke to her. After she left again, Lazarus informed us that his divinations indicated that she had entered Christ Church at least once, and that something from the Jobian obsidian monolith within had entered her. He and Michael then left to try and obtain the rope with which she had been tied from the police, leaving myself and Simon to supervise Lorenzo's ritual.

According to Lorenzo, the dead men had been working for Kali, whose (male) Avatar 'has come'. Kali, like the Nexus Crawler, feeds off chaos and destruction. I was also informed that they have a specific grudge against myself, as the killer of at least one of them.

The conversation with the third of the dead, unfortunately, I was unable to witness directly, since upon his arrival he tore my skin from my body and shattered all of my joints, leaving me in a torpor from which I recovered thanks to Patricia.

I trust that the reports of some of the others at this unfortunate event will shed a little more light on matters.


That was what I sent the Justicar. Myself, I think we can learn from this. Firstly, ALWAYS leave someone with the ability to Dominate mortals around the area to avoid unnecessary breaches of the Masquerade, and unnecessary mortal deaths as they attempt to confront something which is beyond them. Secondly, we need control of the emergency services. FAST. Could any who think they can manage this please get together (rather than in each others' way) and arrange this as quickly as possible. I have a feeling we're going to need it.

Yours, Angharad

From Simon de Bret (Edward Robinson)

The third specter added nothing to our knowledge except that if Lorenzo wasn't threatening him with the wrath of his clan then the specters would have destroyed us all by now-they may yet do so if we fail to get rid of Kali's avatar.

If you do come across Patricia don't upset her- power-wise she is way out of our league.

Yours ever,