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From Jeremy Chappell (Reuben Wright)

Ok - so we get the message back from the head honchos of the Camarilla, and they gave us their review of 'Day of The Dead (1997)' Starring Lorenzo as 'Mr Giovanni', Marc-Antoinne as 'The Prince' and yours truly as 'Skatedude No. 3'. Only this wasn't no neat review, this was a bad slating.

Anyway, they reckon the city needs a calming, so we get Lily to tell us what to do. I guess that's the focus here, that's my angle - "Lily comes in and says hello".

Marc's there too, doing the ousted lover thing, but with a dead empassioned (I'm glad I was behind him such was the vibes he was a radiatin') speech about our mateys back in head office, and there was a problem with the tape but heck - we got the message, loud, clear and long.

Then we got that dead dude - word is he used to hunt us guys for fun, but then he got the old bitey-sucky thing and he's a little screwed up over it. Word on the street's that he's some crazy mother-f*ck who with a Mr Pink complex - I can see the resemblance but I ain't placin' much store.

OK - then we got the London crowd - new in town and just samplin' the best of our beats and streets. We got a coupla Ventrue gonna take over, they seem cool. We got Miss druggy-drug-drug, in a cool silver snakeskin coat - Oh she also had a knife and she was dead good with bombs (always a bonus in today's times I'm sure you'll agree). Movin' on we got Elspeth - Party chick, club lover and modeller of fine clothes but more impportantly, for you gossips out there, I seen ya Toreador - she's Jack's Ex. I reckon things are gonna be just cool between 'em (I got this soap opera feelin') but at the moment - well I guess it's been a while and Jack's been through a load. All the best to 'em NEwayz. Oh, so I guess you guessed it - Jack's back. He's cleaned up and meaned up - glares you could fry an egg on. I ain't sayin' more, 'cept the jackets just that little bit more beat up. respect man... Hey and a big 'Hoo' to our Gangrel friend with the unspellable name - Chen-Tzu or somethin' - it's been a while. Oh, yeah - My mate and yours, the man they call 'Sir', it's...... ....Nicholas, Tremere Archon and ex-Oxonian. Good to have you back man, I'm gettin' weepy I know, but we missed you like totally...

Okay so there's a load a 'how ya doin', some hiyas, some seeyas - even some weird f*ckin' guy with a circus in Broad street - WAY COOL! But where's the action, yeah? I mean I said bomb a while back, and maybe ya blinked, but we want more immediate concerns, we want fear and desire in a single instant - we want Spiders erupting from peoples stomachs like some Alien thang and scuttling away. And we got it - I thing Angarrads OK, but that sure was some nasty little brat thing. She said somethin' 'bout it being from Lazarus' blood, but you know how these rumours start and I guess she was in shock or somethin'.

Ok, we also got some real screwd up news and I don't know if she's gettin' this, but GET WELL SIAN... Seems some fucker attacked her and her face got a bit hurt. But she's cool and the guy's f*ucked off so maybe it's all totally cool...

There was this bomb thing, but it got cooled pretty fast and we had the howlin' and the worryin' and the Prince disappearin', but it all got OK so we did OK and we'll be OK. OK?

I don't know what or who I missed - you just shoulda been more charismatic...

Lily's in charge, nobody got fried... That's your lot and I'm outta here.

JC - Tellin' it like it is

OK the little cogs have swivled round and round as I been boarding and something , like, clicked - this was class A enlightenment - I'll take the Buddha on any day with that transcendental stuff - this was pure illumination.

There was this guy, he had this note, and it's all coming back to me - I can see the paper, I can smell the mustiness, but I can't hear nothin'. Oh no, I can't hear nothin' cos this guiy don't say a word. Freakish, yeah, but kinda cool in a 'man-with-no-name' kinda way. Only he had a name - Heracles (liked the film I guess) and the paper said he didn't want to speak and there was some Gangrel up in London said he was cool. So he's cool, I mean really chillin'. No charisma though, that's why he's on the B list.

Gotta skoot, gotta skate

JC - From where it is to where it ain't