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Dia de los Muertes

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From Jarraline d'Arraby (Amanda Clarke)

Day of the dead... night of horrors, nobody could have predicted the devestation which came out of Oxford tonight.
The evening began normally enough. "Archon Maelwrack" announced the new Primogen and then revealed himself as Prince, Mark Antoine De Chiron, my appologies to the man for not including his full name. Jeremy who had been hopeful of aspiring to the Princedom, became Herald and seemed well satisfied with this.
All through these announcements, some of us were a little nervous as there were four mortals in the room. It soon emerged that the tradition of the night was that one of these mortals should be embraced and then delivered to final death having been named Prince for the evening. The symbolism was obiviously important however a number of the Primogen and others questioned the necessity of what is essentialy a barbaric act.
The mortals all seemed extremely keen on the embrace and it emerged that they had not been told the whole truth. Protests were made and the Prince listened to arguments from the Giovani and the Tremere and was eventually persuaded that the embrace should not take place.
It proved very difficult to make any decisions calmly and quickly due to the constant interuptions by the Sabbat. The Archbishop known as Jack had gatecrashed the party along with a small pack. Rumours of a large number of Sabbat in the city were greatly exaggerated.
Things then began to get extremely complex, as several things happened at once. The spirit of an elder Giovani appeeared and refused to allow the mortals to leave and they becam more confused, they were ushered into a small room with the Constable Jack who tried to explain what had happened so far and what the embrace entailed.
I tried to prevent the entry of others to the room however I was overpowered by the Guiovani spirit and had to struggle to control my fury as the situation became more and more frought.
It transpied that the ceremony of embrace and final death was part of a larger plan by the Giovani and Tremere to prvent an ancient Vampire from rising in Berlin.If we refused to act then Berlin would be destroyed. a struggle ensued and one of the mortals was killed. It appeared that the Giovani and the Sabbat were protected somehow by magic surrounding the day of the dead and could not be harmed.
The Prince gathered everyone together, however Morgan of clan Tremere in an attempt to save the life of the mortal embraced him. We later discovered that it was the backlash from this act which caused the destruction of Berlin.
Messages were recieved from the Tremere Justicars office that Oxford had been decleared outlaw. The Prince announced that if the Camarilla had told us of what they intended then we could have prevented this tradgedy. However if they wish to consider us outcast so be it we would rebuild our city and look after our own.

Oliver, the ancient whom was living under the Christchurch Mausoleum, arrived and revealed that he was a member of the inconnu, I begged him to act saying that the peace he so prised would be at an end if he did nothing and that we were not able to touch the spirit of Kali which had plagued our city. A young vampire who had apparently be posessed by a spirit of Kali was incapacitated for his own protection and Oliver dissapeared saying that either he or the high priest of Kali would die that night.
A gloomy calm began to fall over the meeting and the Primogen began to plan for the destruction of the evil lycanthropes nown as Black Spiral Dancers who are infesting the Park Town area.
Lorenzo Giovani and myself contacted Mucta Be who had claimed to know the whereabouts of the book known as the codex of thorns, in an attempt to gain his aid in assisting Oliver in a fight which was taking place in a spirit real, whatever that is.We both gave information and Mr Be apparently thought this sufficient inducement ansd aggreed to fight with Oliver.

Later that evening Oliver returned to us and we greeted him greatly relieved. He had defeated the high ppriest of Kali and apparently the whereabouts of the codex was known, apparently it forms the gateway to another realm? I remained sceptical. Oliver provided us with the amunition we needed to fight our remaining foe and The Primogen retired to plan our next move.

So I find myself outcast I will rise tomorrow, without the knowledge that the Camarilla is still strong, a knowledge that has sustained me througout my unlife, I have been shown another way however and for now I will take that path, though I fear the return of the Camarilla and what will happen to the friendships spawned tonight.

Jarralin D'Arraby
Gangrel Primogen

From Morgan Cave (Elizabeth Wootten)

I would like to make it clear to everyone that I was not acting merely out of a desire to save the mortal's life. I would not have done something so potentially dangerous for so personal a reason.

I believed that in embracing a mortal, I would be creating a force for good in Oxford that would help us defeat the darker powers at work in the city. Patricia and Oliver agreed with me, other people I spoke to agreed to trust my judgement in this. I spoke to the Prince about it, but he would not express an opinion and walked away; he at least did not tell me not to do it.

It had also been said that by embracing a mortal, Berlin would be saved. It appears now that by embracing a mortal I may have destroyed Berlin - please understand that no one really knew what effect any action would have, and I acted as I thought best in the circumstances. I realise that I must take responsibilty for what I have done, but I do not see that anyone can know what other destruction would have come from any other course of action.


From Lorenzo Giovanni (Steve Jessop)

I will share with you what I currently know about the magical events on Saturday.

Berlin has been becoming gradually less stable, magically, for some years. Although I am not aware of the details, there was some imminent threat to the city. My Grandsire, Enricho Giovanni, apparently in concert with Justicar Schreck, was performing a ritual that would avert that threat.

The ritual was relying in part on the delivery, by me, of the energy to be created by the fulfillment of the proper ceremonies. The ceremony was finally performed (although in abortive form), by Giorgio Giovanni. After this, Morgan unwittingly corrupted the energy, thereby causing the magical backlash which destroyed Berlin.

I apologise for the insensitive way in which I made this information known on Saturday night. I was both drained and distraught at the time.

As far as I can tell, if the Tremere elders had informed the Camarilla Vampires of the city that the ritual was being performed with their blessing, this disaster might have been averted. Their excommunication of the city is, in my opinion, a diversion of their own guilt. I was unfortunately only dimly aware that any Tremere were involved, and I assumed that these vampires wished to keep the fact secret for reasons of their own.

I am unsure whether the reason for the failure of communication is due to secrecy on the part of Justicar Schreck, rivalry between Clans Giovanni and Tremere, internal division within Clan Tremere, or some other factor.

As to the 'protection' of myself and the Sabbat: this in fact extended to everyone. If the dead commit violence on the Day of the Dead, it is instantly reflected back on them. In addition, various spirits will claim those who intend great harm. This is why Cato suffered as he did when he attempted to shoot me, and why Jack Hyde had a hard time of it all evening.

Later in the evening, Oliver engaged Brother Ebethiel in combat. At the same time, Muktar Bhay contacted me and threatened to attack Oliver while he was off guard. He made the same threats to Jarralin, and between us we persuaded him not to do so, and perhaps even to assist Oliver.

Oliver was victorious. He claimed also to have 'shown Bhay what he [Bhay] truly was': this appears to have incapacitated Bhay at least temporarily.

Oliver then erected some kind of ward around Oxford. I will examine its precise nature as soon as possible, but Lazarus and our Prince were apparently involved in its creation, so probably know something about it.

I will provide more information on the magical situations in both Oxford and Berlin as it becomes known to me.

Finally, I believe that some Kindred have formed the opinion that the actions of members of my Clan were unacceptable. If this is the case, I would like any and all charges against me or my family to be laid as soon as possible.


Lorenzo Giovanni.

From Simon de Bret (Edward Robinson)

Jarraline d'Arraby may have given some of you the impression that the Prince was persuaded by the Tremere and Giovanni advice that he should not embrace anyone on that evening. In fact the one thing that Lorenzo and I DID aggree on that evening was that the ritual MUST go ahead. The Prince chose to listen to the qualms of the others present however: it was most unfortunate that he should choose this year to make such a decision.

Sadly I was called away at this point as we had a problem at the Chantry. I returned as soon as I found that no immediate action was required. Unfortunately someone had killed one of the Kine when I returned. I don't remember the exact order of events then but Johnathan was worrying about his clan and at some point Oliver suggested that Morgan should embrace Phil. This somehow worked although he was already dead. I was promptly told [over the phone] that the night had been a disaster and I would suffer the final death for my failure unless I redeemed matters by killing Phil immediately. I promptly tried to do so but some thaumaturgical effect and Ezekiel's inteference delayed me long enough for Patricia to stop me. She or Oliver may also have done something to stop my elders killing me. Lazarus has had conflicting orders about killing me. At some point around then Oliver went off to fight Kali. Some people wanted to try to help but Patricia and I convinced them that violence in Parktown would be a BAD idea at this point. This meant that Lazarus and Lorenzo were the only ones who might be able to help directly. Muktah Bey then threatened to distractr Oliver but Lorenzo and Jarraline made a deal to stop him and then Oliver was able to deal with him later.

Oliver also provided a ward against' spirits around the city. This Covers Oxford except the sewers and will hold as long as de Chiron rules faithfully as Prince. So look after the Prince and don't even think about trying to depose him until we have sorted out the fabric of reality around here.

At some point the Primce received a message from London declaring Oxford to be a non-Camarilla city for it's failure in the ritual.

I think that is everything,
Yours Ever,
Simon de Bret,
Caitiff primogen for the Tremere.