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Message from Prince Phillips of Oxford

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King Mithras
Fellow Kindred of Oxford,
As I’m sure you are all aware I went to London to attend the trial of Archon Hyatt and went with Lady Anne and some other Ventrue when the rest of the Archon’s party escaped with Mr.Goode’s aid. It is my duty to tell you all what has happened in London since then as it is being announced throughout the country.
Firstly the Garou attacked and killed most of the Kindred present –I expect some of the Malkavians escaped as their Justicar must have given them advanced notice. The Tremere were able to use a very powerful ritual to collapse the wards against Garou already set up on London in on the Garou present killing most of them.
After this the technocracy moved in and as far as I know they controlled the city until Tuesday night when we emerged.
When the Garou attacked Lady Anne led me and Primogen Jocastacius to a secret hiding place, which I presume was heavily warded as neither the Garou nor the Technocracy disturbed us there.
In this cave, I was introduced to King Mithras, who rose that night.
On Tuesday, King Mithras declared that it was safe to leave and we emerged into the rubble of the Houses of Parliament. King Mithras smiled as he looked into the distance and smoke rose. He declared himself King of England. Lady Anne went her own way while Primogen Jocastacius and I followed King Mithras. Nine men dressed in Black Suits and wearing Black Sunglasses immediately accosted us with the words “Stand where you are Reality Deviants”. As King Mithras approached they all fell to their knees, and bowed over, where they remained until after I had left.
King Mithras bade us remain in London and not contact anyone until he had control of the city. On Thursday, I was told to return to Oxford and make this announcement at the next full Conclave but not to speak of it before. He also wanted me to tell you that: “Oxford will have a ruler once more and they will swear allegiance to King Mithras.” Thank you.