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The Garou attack

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From Alastair Stone (Chris Venus)

As you should all know the Garou attacked on last night (5th March). We had advanced warning that they were coming and so where at least reasonably prepared. We were expecting about 16 Garou and I think we eventually took out most, if not all of them. We did lose a couple of Kindred. I didn't know them personally but they died helping us. They were Aelle, the saxon or whatever warlord and the person who I have down on my list as Wastit, the Malkavian. There were many others injured but they should recover.

In more detail the evening went like this. We had received reports that the Garou believed us to be holding a conclave in Radcliffe Camera and were planning to try to kill us there. We decided that this would be a good place for an attack and so we started preparations. Jarraline was commanding the attack (I have no idea where Jack was) and she had laid mines in many parts of the square. The rest of us were set up in various positions around the square. I will try to remember this correctly but I'm not sure if I will get all the details. On the tower of the Church bordering the high street were Jonathon and Wastit (that's what his name is down as but I don't recognise the name). In the Brasenose tower were William Kellaway, Lethe and Celeste von Drasen. Brasenose had ben warded against Garou. In the Bodleian were Cato and Azraelle (and later we found out Lazarus). The Bodleian was warded also. In All Souls was myself and Vojeck Olevski. All souls had not been warded (much to my later annoyance). On the Radcliffe Camera was, I think, Aelle. Jarraline was flying reconnaissance in bird form. Lily meanwhile was creating illusions of the gathering. We saw people that seemed to be all of us entering the Camera.

A short time after that we received word from Jarraline that there was a Riot heading in our direction. And surely enough not long later a mob of 300 angry people (and a few Garou although we couldn't tell the difference) entered the square. They gathered around the camera and started hurling bricks, bottles and other makeshift missiles at it. At this point Cato walked outside to try to persuade the crowd to leave. As he did so a Garou shifted to Crinos form and attacked him. The assembled kindred all fired and took him down and then things started getting very messy. It is hard to keep track of what order things happened in but this is vaguely it. Lots of tear gas was lobbed into the square. More Garou appeared around the square and Lily appeared as well. Whenever a Garou appeared we all shot at it. Lily was showing her true powers by just touching a Garou and killing it. Napalm bombs were being lobbed by the Tremere in Brasenose. It was at about this time that all the explosives in the square were detonated. This killed a lot of the mortals in the square and created a lot of smoke and destruction.

It seemed that the Radcliffe Camera had also been destroyed and that Aelle was now on the ground. A garou appeared next to him and proceeded to savage him. At about the same time, I think, something started taking down the wards on the buildings that had them. Also around this time two Garou appeared from the Umbra on the roof of All Souls next to Vojeck and me. I managed to defend myself reasonably well but one of his blows was lucky and got through my guard, he knocked me to the ground and cut me up with his claws quite badly. Fortunately at this point somebody blew its head off. Vojeck was more unlucky than me. He was virtually killed before Lily came along and killed the creature. It seems that it wasn't long before all the wards were down and Garou were appearing in the Bodleian and On the Brasenose tower. The Malkavians were ordered to leave and as they were leaving there was a huge explosion from their direction and I believe this is where Wastit was killed. Lazarus appeared from the Bod a second later and started crossing the Square. Two Garou leapt at him but his coat expanded to surround them and caught them in side a now large black sphere out of which he stepped. His next act was to gesture up at the tower were the Tremere and ventrue were and more particularly two Garou. The Garou were torn apart by some kind of supernatural wind. Their bodies disolving as people watched and within no time they were just bones which quickly crumpled into dust and were blown away.

As other Garou appeared they were shot at and I think we did ultimately account for all 16 with, I believe, Lily's help with the ones in the Umbra. SO the final score I believe stood at

Vampire Losses - 2 dead more injured but we'll heal.
Garou losses - 16 dead
Mortal losses - 110 roughly.

We are forunate in some respects since the Garou have a strange affect on mortals such that the mortals are, in laymans terms, scared so shitless by what they see that they make up plausible explanations for everything that happened.

Well, I think that is everything. Well done to all those who participated and survived. IF we keep up this sort of thing then the war will be on. Unfortunately they will be more cautious next time.

Any more questions just ask.


From William Kellaway (Steven Pearson)

[A very, VERY drunken message for the Kindred of Oxford from Wm. E.F. Kellaway:]

Bit of a flap on last night. Mixed it with the Garou. Whole thing didn't last very long. Someone blew up the Rad. Cam.. Lily is clearly very VERY hard indeed - she didn't even seem to mind when Lethe, Celeste and myself napalmed her (only by accident of course, you understand), and she definitely deserves major kudos for ripping one of the little wolfies' spine out with her bare hands.

A Kindred home win then. Well, more or less. I think the Gangrel Primogen was torporised too. In fact, on the whole it was a bit of a bad night for Clan Gangrel.

Anyway, can't think straight right now- will submit full report when sober/have come down/have stopped aching.


Wm. E.F. Kellaway.