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Jack Hyde's suicide note

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[The allegations here may or may not be correct, of course. Oh, and if bits seem to be missing, tell me (Toby) - HTML doesn't like the double arrows. It works on my browser but it certainly isn't valid code...]

From Jack Hyde (Martin Lloyd)

<< Your computer is now installing the necessary drivers.>>
<< Initialising Video and Sound players.>>
<< Loading files.>>

[Your screen goes black. What follows appears as 'videprinter' style text on the screen as it is recited by a recording of Jack]

<< Carter USM sample "all I ever wanted was some tender loving care, before it gets sponsored like the water and the air.>>

Don't get your hopes up. I'm still as dead today as I was yesterday. This is my final testimony, a bit of a note to tell you all what I know. I'm sorry to those who told me this stuff in confidence, but I was never one to carry secrets to the grave. I'm not interested in explaining why I did what I did (am about to do?, what tense should I be recording this in ???) I'm interested in telling you as much of the truth as I can.

If only we'd talked to each other more.

Job isn't dead. He's not even unconscious. Job is as alive and kicking as ever. We didn't kill him, not even a little bit. We did of course trash at least two thirds of his soul, carry out the ritual, watch Giles get diablorised with Job in him but that was all there was to it. Its not like we did anything to actually hurt him. Job is alive, his power is being channelled through William Russel (Yup, the other bloke we killed.) The weird shit with the spirits is being done by Job to blackmail us into aiding him. So far Hyatt has resisted these attempts to influence him, I don't know if anyone else has been approached.

One important point is that Job has asked for the Giovanni chantry to be shut down. I'd have said more at the trial but I was still pissed off about Leigh and more interested in finding whoever was responsible for her death and pounding their fucking head in than wasting yet another evening talking about crap we can't influence.

'Course that's peanuts really.

The Tremere are corrupt, at least one member of their council of seven is a Tzimice. Lets follow this through.

Jeremiah Buxton, Tremere Prince of Oxford and fifth generation vampire. Turned out to be a Jobbite Tzimice.

Its unlikely that Buxton's sire wouldn't have noticed the replacement of his Childer with a Tremere/Tzimice hybrid.

Buxton's sire must therefore have been in on the deal.

Its equally unlikely that Tremere wouldn't have noticed this. After all, I've met the man, he was expecting me and he knew his clan had been infiltrated. So Tremere (we can assume he's still himself) is turning a blind eye to the arrival of a fourth gen Tzimice on his council of seven. Why?????

What do the fourth gen want, what do they really realy want? Simple, to kill the third generation.

<< Doors sample "father" -"yes son" - "I want to kill you.">>

Job, or some other fourth generation Tzimice wants to kill Tzimice himself. It's a pretty fair bet that Tremere would go along with this as well. So Tremere has allied with a fourth generation Tzimice (or is at least tacitly supporting one) in order to get rid of Tzimice. Its possible this fourth gen is Job, but worryingly I suspect there's more than one of the fuckers. That's my guess.

But since you can't do anything about any of that I wouldn't worry about it.

Your Prince was behind the deaths of Leigh, Angharad and Harlequin. Lets examine this.

Harlequin, Leigh and Angharad conspire to kill the Prince. I'm asked to join the coup, but refuse 'cause I'm watched too carefully. (Maybe, more likely she just relies on being stupidly powerful rather than defending herself in ways we could circumvent - more later)

Harequin, Leigh and Angharad were killed by the Assamite hit team currently operating in Oxford. Harlequin, Leigh and Angharad were all possessed of excellent security systems, were very careful and were a lot less likely to get taken out by this kind of thing than almost anyone else in the city. The Assamites must have had inside help.

Only I and the three conspirators knew about the plot to kill the Prince. The conspiracy was secured by a blood bond between Leigh and Harlequin, they wouldn't have betrayed each other, Angharad paid with her life. I didn't betray them. I was attacked by the Assamites the same night Leigh and Angharad bought it. They tried to kill Billy

<< Elvis Costello sample - And the lip prints on the half filled cup of coffee that you bought and didn't drink, but at least you thought you wanted it that's so much more than I can ever say for me.>>

as well, I can't explain that except to say that people I get close to often get killed by my enemies.....

The Prince's auspex could have alerted her to the danger. This is the only way I can think of the conspiracy being discovered. If she's good enough (and we can assume that someone as truly ridiculously powerful as our Lady Prince is this good.) she might have guessed their identities. So that provides her with the means, the motives and the opportunity.

<< Rolling Stones sample -She was practiced in the arts of deception, you could tell by the blood on her hands.>>

Now we know our Prince had a close friend in the Assamites, and I'm assured that she killed him after the war broke out. Its possible that in doing so she gained control of his ghouls, and that these are the ghouls busy trying to kill us. A Camarilla Prince using a death squad to eliminate anarchs - I shouldn't be surprised. You could even say she wasn't doing anything wrong.

I did my best to find out what was up with Sian. I should have killed her, but I always tried to save people first. I couldn't save Ezekiel either, anymore than I could save Tricia from whatever it is that's messing with her head and which will get her killed one day. I've done fuck all since I came to Oxford, I can't think of a single solid achievement in all my time here. << voice breaks>>

<< voice back, stronger.>>

What else do I need to tell you lot. Leigh's final note was accurate, she really was leaving the city before she got killed. Fed up for all the reasons I was I guess. I certainly wasn't trying to talk her out of it.

Morgan's got the Book of the Drakon. The Drakon is a fourth generation Tzimice. (see earlier conspiracy) She hasn't read it, it gives her bad vibes. It gave me such bad vibes I couldn't be in the same room as it without a blinding headache. My advice is that you destroy the book, anyone reading it is going to lose it big time. If Morgan, Phil or I read it we're in big trouble.

<< Tricky sample "She makes me wanna die, follow where Mary goes">>

So there you have it. Our problems stem from events way beyond our control. There's no point bothering. The city is fulll of dysfunctional neurotic vampires, more obsessed with their own problems than talking to each other. Nothing gets done, except for the destruction of large buildings, the fantastic is mundane and there's never any time to do anything you want to get done.

I had so many research projects to pursue, so much thinking to get done, pamphets to write, philosophies to consider. But I'll never get it done now. I'm dying a pale shadow of the man I wanted to be, reduced to a psychopathic cliché by my environment. The subtlety, the beauty, the point has gone out of my existance. I'm off to watch the sun come up,

Good luck kids.

This is Jack Hyde logging off.

<< Carter USM sample - 'Cause suicide isn't painless, in fact it hurts like hell, its set aside for the famous, a little suicide sells.>>

< scrolling credits, then fade to black.>


<< Hit the road Jack,and don't you come back no more no more no more no more......>>

Glam Rock Cops & Suicide isn't Painless provided by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

'This is the End' provided by the Doors

'A good year for the Roses' provided by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

'You can't always get what you want' provided by the Rolling Stones

Hit the Road Jack of uncertain origin

Jack Hyde appeared courtesy of the Martin Lloyd character factory c M Lloyd 1997. All rights reserved.