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Message from the Justicar's Office

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To the Kindred of the Camarilla,

We are aware that, in recent times, many demands have been made of you by the Sect. We are aware that, on many occassions, it may have seemed to you that We have given you little in return. There have been whispers of weakness, of traitors within, even of Gehenna.

These rumours end now.

The Forces of the Warlord of the Camarilla have crushed the Sabbat across North America, forcing their retreat from New York City for the first time in seven decades.

The Justicars Brujah and Nosferatu have secured the return of Los Angeles to Our auspcices.

In England, King Mithras of London has returned to power, and after the destruction of the invading Garou by the full power of the Council of Seven, we are again the strongest force in the land.

With the appointment of Thomas Jocastacius to the Inner Council, our numbers there are once more complete.

The wars with the Garou and the Assamites have now ended.

We are stronger than ever,
Gehenna does not come,
We still rule the night.

Cleave to the Traditions,

Karl Shreck, Justicar Tremere
Petrodan, Justicar Nosferatu
Chesta, Justicar Malkavian
Charles Gregor, Justicar Toreador
Emma Mortimer, Justicar Brujah
Michale Antonius, Justicar Ventrue
Xavier, Justicar Gangrel