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Vampire: Minutes of the Conclave

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These are the minutes written by Michael Phillips for the conclave held on 8/11/97. They are also the minutes posted up all over town on 19/11/97.

Minutes of meeting
Date: Saturday November 8
Chair: Michael Phillips

Introductions are made.
Brujah: Karl, Kato (standing in for Leigh)
Malkavian: Jonathan Rollands, Richard (previously know as Tom).
Nosferatu: Sarah Jones, Albon.
Toreador: Joseph Liebowitz, Isobel Wren.
Tremere: Simon de Bret, Dr. Virgil Stanton, Lazarus, Morgan Cave.
Ventrue: Michael Phillips, Lilly.
Caitiff: Jack Hyde, Ezekiel Goode, Sian(?)
Others: Lorenzo Giovanni, Patricia Ingham.

There is an interruption as an uninvited guest arrives. After some confusion he is announced to be 'Walks-By-Numbers' of the Garrou.

It is revealed that Simon de Bret has ordered the Tremere not to ward the meeting room. After some discussion the Tremere claim that they would be capable of warding a room but they haven't been ordered not to do so. Kindred blood would be you also use in this process, but not essential. The you cannot comment with certainty on the Simon de Bret reasons for requiring Kindred blood as he has removed the relevant books from their library.

Lazarus is called upon to explain his side-effects when using magic. He claims that he still cannot control these fully and that the Tremere do not understand it.

Carfax Media coverage: Jonathan Rollands explained that the Sun newspaper had devoted much space to covering the events at Carfax tower including full colour pictures of Angaharad, covered in blood, with fangs, captioned 'Who is this monster?'. The other national papers had condemned and derided the Sun for this coverage. Due to the attention of Kindred, shortly afterwards the Sun published a disclaimer; the coverage within the local Oxford papers was treated similarly. Rollands suggested that a lack of preparation time was to blame for the Oxford coverage, and that it would not have occurred after all had the Kindred been in Oxford for more than two weeks more than two weeks. He also claimed that while most mortals would treat the story as irrelevant and possibly even humorous, there would be a minority who would treat it seriously. We cannot afford to allow this minority to be strengthened further, as it could eventually lead to such activities as the Inquisition again.

Isobel Wren repeated her offer to the provide media statements on behalf of the Kindred.

Another interruption: a spirit which Jack was unable to prevent entry. She claimed to represent the spirits of Oxford.

Population: It was indicated that the population around and including Oxford would be in the region of at most quarter of a million inhabitants. This is generally considered far too low a figure for the number of Kindred in Oxford to hide amongst. It was suggested that this would cause severe publicity problems without due care on behalf of the Kindred.

Property Division: rather than arbitrarily attempting to divide the City, the Primogen declared their intention to merely resolve any forthcoming problems. To do so as they requested all clan members report to the Primogen which areas of Oxford they were currently utilising. Once this was achieved the Primogen would then be able to resolve any current or future conflicts.

Ghouls: the Primogen accepted the fact that many ghouls had recently been created. However this had been done without any attempt at communication or organisations. They therefore requested that, as with territory, the Kindred reported to the Primogen where they had placed ghouls so that any potential over population could be foreseen. They also requested that the permission of the Primogen was sought before the creation of any further ghouls for the same reason. It was pointed out that the creation of ghouls could be viewed as a potential breach of the masquerade.

Jack hide reported that some of the recent events ascribed to the cult of Kali was in fact of his doing. He explained that he had been infected by a parasite during an encounter with a Dan Gould, the effects of this was to, on occasion, send him into a blood lust causing as much damage as was possible before he regained control. Richard Walker: 'he is a psychopathic dangerous fucker. If you see him run away' - Jack Hyde. He is a lot scarier than he used to be and Jack declared that he was unsure of his ability to take Walker out any more. He regarded this has annoying. A brief description of Kali, her possible status as Kindred and desire for destruction was given. Kato described encountering a being in Carthage before its destruction which also had blood for eyes. He claimed that the power which destroyed Carthage would easily be capable of destroying Oxford.

Michael explained that the cover story for events in Park Town was an animal experimentation centre belonging to the cult of Kali. He expressed hope that this would give an explanation for the presence on the Garrou as escaped rabid dogs. Any better cover story would be welcome. Walks-by-numbers failed to provide any information about these Garrou.