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Message from Muktar Bhay

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My Lords and Ladies of the Kindred of Oxford,
My apologies for my somewhat abrupt departure from the meeting this weekend. I was made aware that certain forces (who can tell which - there are so many here...) were attacking the temporary Haven I had arranged for here. This prevented me from completing an offer I was to make to certain amongst you, but in the clearer time of this eve'n, I see no reason not to make it open to all of you.
I have ascertained the location of the Codex of Thorns, a book written orignally by the halllowed founder of the Giovanni, sometime in the mid 15th century. It contains full details of the Disciplines known as Mortis, Necromancy and certain branches of Spirit Thaumaturgy, as well as certain innate powers it is said to bestow upon its owner. There is a small matter of a curse, of course, but the details of this are unclear.
If you are interested in this text, or indeed in my offer of independance from the Camarila, then I would like to meet you in Brown's Cafe, by Little Clarendon Street, this evening, at your earliest convenience. I will be holding an auction of sorts and I am aware that Lorenzo Giovanni is most interested. Perhaps you would all be happier if he had complete control of the spirits which surround this fair city. He would make a worthy ruler of us all.
My thanks to Dr. Stanton for making the usage of this somewhat arcane system available to me.
I hope to see you all,

Muktar Bhay,
Ambassador of the Southern Principalities.