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Newsflash 23/11/97

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The following is in every major paper in the country. Most minor papers are not bothering to run at all. It also dominates the televised and radio news. The first article in every piece of news is the same, a statement by Helmut Kohl, the Chancellor of Germany.

" In the early hours of the morning on Sunday 23rd November, a group of belonging to a apocalypse cult known as the Children of the Dawn detonated a nuclear device in the centre of Berlin. The resulting explosion destroyed the city and killed every man, woman and child within it. I and certain other members of the German Parliament were present at a number of high security meetings dealing with the situation in the Middle East in Bonn at the time of the explosion.
The entirety of the cult was destroyed by the explosion, but it is unkown how they obtained an explosive of the scale used, but all the resources of Germany, Europe and the civilised world will be used to find out how this happened and to ensure it does not happen again.
Words cannot express the scope of this tragedy, so far beyond any horror that we have seen before. I appeal to all the people of the nations of the world to look at this and take heed of the warning it brings. We live in times darker than ever before, and when I visit the graves of my wife and children tomorrow, and lead my nation in mourning, I will pray for guidance. I ask you all to pray with me."

There are no pictures in any of the media of Berlin itself. As of this monday, and week of mourning has been declared worldwide, with every leader offering the full support of the country. The impact is such that the occurance of a violently powerful earthquake in LA, triggering vast, vicious riots and leveling the centre of the area has gone practically unnoticed. Also on the night of the 22nd/23rd, a violent fire swept through London, apparantly beginning at the houses of Parliament, after a gas main explosion caused huge destruction and overstretched fire-fighting services were unable to prevent the spread, especially after the IRA used the chaos to detonate explosive devices all over the city. The mood all over the world, as presented by the media, is shocked disbelief.

[ Lastly, in the game world, the Day of the Dead is actually the 22nd, although it was thought to have been the first until some three years ago, at which point it was discovered to have been based on an older, possibly pagan, ceremony, dating backing nearly 2000 years. Correcting for this moverd the festival forward three weeks.]