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Vampire: Report for 20/11/97

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From Mortimer deSteiger (Joe Grove)

Thursday, early afternoon. Sleeping in haven. Something wakes me. Three figures are standing round my bed, holding stakes. I only have enough time to say "Er....." in a useful way before I'm staked and dragged off. Blackout.

Consciousness slowly returns, and with it, the realisation that I'm in a cavern or cellar or something with rock walls, not much light. I am in a sitting position up against a wall. I try to move, but I am securely fastened into the rock itself by manacles around my head, neck, chest, stomach, legs and arms. I can dimly see the outline of a door, and two shadowy figures, one about human size, the other seven feet tall and very broad. With four arms.

The guy in the suit steps forward. He asks me to embrace him. We don't see eye to eye on this. Some snapping of fingers at large monster (which also has two mouths), and lots of pain ensue. He calmly indicates that he'd be willing to let me reconsider. I calmly indicate that anyone going to this sort of trouble can be up to no good, and that he can boil his head. More pain and threats of fire. His aura indicates disinterestedness but not inhumanity. Faint noises of shouting and banging come from upstairs. I say, "about time too" and take advatage of the distraction by boosting my strength and attempting to break out.

The manacles bend, but don't break. The noises are getting louder, and he looks alarmed. He quickly moves over to me, slashes mine and his arm open, and before I can move, drinks deeply. He staggers up and lurches from the room. I don't see where he goes, or what happens to the monster because I fall into frenzy, break free and remember little else until entering the mausoleum in the presence of Oliver.

From Simon de Bret (Edward Robinson)

Thursday Evening.

I awoke to a telepathic message from Justicar Gregor telling me that his Childe (Mortimer de Steiger) had been abducted, giving an address in Blackbird Leys and demanding that he be rescued immediately. I immediately phoned Angharad (the Constable at teh time) and learnt that others had had the same communication and a group was meeting at Johnathan Rollands' flat to organise arescue attempt. I joined them.

Jarraline offered to scout out the address and reported that there were three gangs near the house communiacting with each other by the use of radios and apparently guarding the building. We agreed that Karl and Angharad would draw the gangs away from the ends of the street and then we would assault the house which was boarded up but in a good state of repair despite the area.

Angharad and Karl approached the street from different sides and succesfully led the gangs away leaving only a sentry or two to guard the house. Johnathan sent a couple of his ghouls with tranquelizer-guns to deal with these. Unfortunately at this point the car got out of control and drove off at top speed of it's own accord: Lazarus was seen to look uncomfortable. The ghouls were heard screaming that they couldn't get out over the radio; when instructed to shoot their way out bangs and screams were heard and then silence.

More gunfire was heard from the house as Johnathan ran after the car and the rest of us followed. We arrived to see the car smash through the fence and eat the last of the kine. It moved off towards the house, stopped started eating it's way into the ground and disintegrated.

I moved up to pick the lock to the fromt door but had to dodge as Johnathan Rollands took the first swing at it with his sword. Suddenly sensing danger I dived to the left as Ezekiel got Johnathan clear on the other side. As I hit the ground and started to roll to my feet I heard a great crash behind me and saw an eight-foot creature with four arms and a black carapace [presumable the one that had been assaulting Mortimer and from his account probably not a Tzimiche as I first suspected] emrging from the wreckage of the door as I rose. It grabbed me by the arms as I tried to get clear. I tried to put him off with some fire but he persisted in trying to remove my arms: fortunately I had already burnt a lot of blood increasing my physical abilities and so was able to keep my left arm against his pull: my right came out at the shoulder. Someone did something behind the monster at this point and it dropped me. Ezekiel grabbed me as I lurched to my feet once more and I saw that Angharad had stuck one of the iron fence-posts into the monster's back.

By the time I had stopped the bleeding the monster apperared to be trying to attack the ground in the front garden [like the car] so we decided to go into the house.

Mortimer de Steiger appeared in the hallway looking bery unhealthy with black eyes. Johnathan ran his broadsword straight through him but, unphased, he punched Johnathan (breaking his neck) and proceeded to drink from his exposed neck ignoring the sword through his own torso. I was moving to stake de Steiger when he collapsed and appeared to take control of himself. By now Johnathan had lost a lot of Blood however and had to be restrained by Ezekiel.

I looked up to see Angharad's expression change as she lost control. Being reduced to my left arm, my swiftly thrown stake was a moment to late: she was already moving and so it hit her shoulder. She cut through Ezekiel's leg (incredibly he managed to hold himself over Johnathan) as she passed but did no other appreciable damage until as she reached Lazarus he tried to stop her by thaumaturgical means but took on the black eyes and unnatural expression we had seen on de Steiger (we later established that he was being possessed by a combination of the local malignant spirits: Job, Russel, and Buxton and possibly Kali as well) he did however restrain Angharad: He grabbed her by the neck but I couldn't see exactly what he was doing. Ezekiel looked up from Johnathan to implore Lazarus to stop attacking Angharad and became infected by the possession as well promptly turning to diablerize Johnathan who was lying beneath him and appeared totally at his mercy.

It was at this point that Johnathan put Ezekiel and the spirit{s} onto the Network. This is why he has been expelled from his clan. He did survive however.

Deciding that I was in no state to sort them out and hearing Karl coming in through the backI grabbed de Steiger (the purpose of our expedition you may remember) and got outside. In the garden we foung that the monster had recovered so I set him on fire and he started to burn though he appeared not to care and was only burning fairly slowly. Ezekiel and Johnathan had emerged and Ezekiel was asking the creature to stop (he was moving towards us by now). As I prepared to shoot him he suddenly took on human form and was nothing but ashes before we could react: Ezekiel felt that this was his 'fault' and felt extrmely guilty.

Patricia approached us (naturally I hadn't noticed her arrival) and said we must go to Christchurch and talk to Oliver. She stopped Angharad and Lazarus and then Angharad's further attempts to attack Lazarus. While transport was being organised Johnathan decided to check out the house and noticing his departure I decided I had better accompany him. We discovered a dead baby in a microwave in the kitchen whose significance has yet to be established. and proceeded down to the cellar. This revealed nothing but an entrance to the sewers down a ladder. Johnathan rashly took to the ladfder to investigate while I watched from above.

Somthing leapt from the water and Johnathan jumped off theladder to avoid it. i could see no sign of him by the light of a small flame and so I phoned the others for aid and was about to go to his aid when he emerged from the sewage at the bottom of the ladder. He had some sort of eel with fangs around him but we pulled him clear of the ladder.

In order to maintain the Masquerade I started the rain while Johnathan turned on the gas stove in the kitchen. we waited a moment and then he called the fire brigade as I set the house alight. I expect you saw reports of the explosion attributed to eh Kali worshippers in the papers.

We found Oliver in Christchurch where he healed us and demanded what haad been happening: he had felt the force of Justicar Gregor's message and had detected Lazarus' use of the latent power of Oxford which he had only been able to restrain with aid from Morgan.

I find that dawn approaches so I will stop now and send you a further account tomorrow.
May we all live long,
Yours Ever,
Simon de Bret.
Tremere Primogen.

From Lazarus (Hanbury Hampden-Turner)

This is my very own account of what happened on thursday.
It was messy.


Jerimiah Buxton
Large person with many arms
Assorted gangs


Ok. We though


and Karl

We thought we could lure people away. so anghanrad lured one group away and Karl did the other.
And then we were supposed to tackle the third.
Rembrant manifested into a big car and ate them all which he wasn't supposed to do but he did and that was bad.
Particualrly since jonanthan's ghouls were in the car.


So I told rembrant to go away and he did.

then simon tried to pick the lock and so on.
But the door was open.
And a big thing with arms came out.
Six arms I think, and a tail with a chainsaw attatched.
But he wasn't a tzmiche, becuase they look different. He was just some guy they made in the cellar.

any way. It demonstatred it self to ahead of the curve in fashion sense and tried to kill Simon DeBret.
So he set it on fire.
Which upset most of the people there and kinda stopped some people helping him.
But then some put a big stake through his sholder (metal) (the stake that is, not the sholder). and he was upset.
And simon got away.
And I thought that metal things like chainsaws and so on should be magnetic and so should his head.
And it was - sort of.
but it wasn't a very big one, and the earth's a bit bigger and so he sort of fells over and stayed there and I thought Hooray! but doubtless everyone else just thought ha Lazarus messed up again and this side effect wasn't at all what he intended oh no.


When I got inside the person we were supposed to be rescusing was trying to eat the person who supposed to saving him so I though thats not good and tried to put everything back.
Then Zeke calmed him down.
But then Angharad got upset and tried to eat people. and at first it was going all right but then I sort of panicked when she got to me cos I thought I was going to die.
Dying's bad. There's stuff i haven't been to yet.

At this a spontaneous transimission of consciousness took place and I foundmyself in a somewhat confusing place. At first I mistook it for an umbral realm but upon closer examination I found myself to be somehwat the prisoner. reaech is still progressing. Morgan found me and after a brief explanation kindly allowed me to return.

Then I found I had be all black and stuff and Angharad and a scret that made her glow that she didn't want to tell people although she did at one point. sort of. Didn't glow though which I was kinda hoping for since it would go well with her eyebrows.

then we all sort of left.
Simon had already left becuase he wanted to get mortimer to safety and not at all because he was running away.
Which was good because since I had gone the six armed person didn;t want to lie down any more.
I like simon. he's says some stuff but often he's harmless. Only without the h.

Then we all went to Oliver's place for tea biscuits and spontaneous manifestation.

Then I left, and came back, and then left and came back again.

Busy day.

Stuff is weird, but i got to see my friend again.