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Vampire: Report for 30/10/97

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From Jack Hyde (Martin Lloyd)

Right, the following is a report in the style of Giles as people seemed to read them and pay attention. This is VERY IMPORTANT your unlife may depend on reading it.

Location : Oxford
Mission : To hunt down and kill Richard Walker

Initial rendesvous and briefing held at Westgate centre. Interupted by the arrival of a sprit visible only to those with auspex.

Aftar a few unsucessful attempts to get rid of it Patricia scares it off (?)

This also scares Tom who flees.

Jack restrains Tom.
Tom frenzies.
Tom injures himself.
Morgan convinces Tom to stop frenzying.

Jack convinces bystanders it was all perfectly normal, collects witnesses addresses and convinces the emergency services that nothing happened. (thanks to Morgan and Michael for dominate)

(this is how you maintain the masquerade folks)

The group then proceed to Parktown acting on intelligence recieved.

As final briefing concludes Richard Walker arrives in mist form.
Jack politely demands he surrender.
Richard politely asks to be left alone and threatens to kill all present
Richard joined by young Garou
Jack states he has no quarrel with Garou
Garou refers to Richard as "Master"
Richard again threatens to kill the group and starts to assume mist-form

**Lots of gunfire - no effect.**

esp suggests four werewolves tracking the group

Group begin orderly withdrawl
Engines heard
Black van attempts to run over Michael
Jack prevents this by blowing away the driver. Van explodes.
Two black cars attempt to runnover group Leigh and others open fire.
One car explodes, one crashes.

**Tom and Michael suffer accute Rotschrek and flee**

Group continues orderly withdrawl.

Radio contact established with Michael who gives his position as Keble.
Radio contact lost in sounds of gunfire.

Jack orders group to continue withdrawl to OUP and heads for keble.

Group reaches Ventrue fortifications in OUP. (bet none of you knew about them then ;-) )

Jack locates Michael who has been crucified upside down against Keble college wall. He is in torpor but not dead.

Jack is attacked by a frenzying werewolf.
Jack opens up with shotgun wounding werewolf
Werewolf trys to dismember Jack. Jack is unimpressed.
Jack hits werewolf - Werewolf wounded again.

Werewolf vanishes ????? (Jack surprised)

Jack and Michael return to OUP.

****No sign of Tom****

Various possessed people deliver messages on behalf of Kali. After Simon and Jack blow them away it is decided to leave OUP and head to the chantry. Mission objective now 'recover Tom'

While the Tremere and Isobel attempt to locate Tom Jack sends 'URGENT' and rings people and makes sure the Masquerade is unbroken.

Attempts to recover Tom fail.

As immediate emergency action Jack and Michael arrange for Parktown to be quarantined (recurrence of Ebiola virus) and sealed off. Police now giving full attention to Kali problem.

Summary --------

Oxford has a big problem.
North Oxford is unsafe.
The Masquerade remains intact.

As of now the Camarilla is obstructing the flow of arms into the city, unfortunately this applies to us as well as the Kali lot. It would help if they stopped this.

Security for the next meeting will now be ultra tight. Details to follow.

Could all combat capable kindred get in touch and brief me as to their abilities and experience.

Could Lorenzo Giovanni please tell me what he's doing about the Spirits/convince me he's safe atm.

Tom is probably dead. Should you encounter him contact me immediately and be **very** careful. If you can manage it staking him is probably a good move.

Sorry if this lacks the comedy value of Giles reports but I find it really hard to be incompetent when there's a war on.


Jack Hyde