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Giles' Report

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Report by Giles Rentre'


Richard Walker (gangrel) mentioned being attacked by a large Eagle. Eagle identified by Giles Rentre' (you've heard) as symbolically linked to Sabbat Archbishop. Possibility of them both being the same entity ruled out due to Richard's continued existance.

The plan (Richard Walker)

To catch the eagle and use it as bait to catch the archbishop.

Stage One To Catch a Mockingbird

Operatives :

Richard takes bird form and flies up over Christchurch. Quickly spotted by large eagle and flies down to South Park where The other two are waiting.

Eagle fails to follow the plan and attacks Richard.
Eagle misses

Miriel fires, misses
Chris fires, misses

Richard still trying to outfly this same overgrown budgie (the eagle). Budgie appears to have the advantage. Richards feathers start to drift down.

Both birds now low enough for combined fire to take it down.

Eagle is staked and wrapped in plastic and stuffed into the car.

Richard drives off to stage two.

Chris and Miriel drive off to await developments.

Stage Two What's in the Trap?


Passers by (backup)


The Ambush was located in the science area to minimise distrubance of local people. The Lot behind the plant sciences building was considered suitable. The biochemistry building was rejected as being too open, despite protestations that "its ugly and deserves to die."

Charlotte took up postion in the northeast corner with bodyguards and ghouls on both sides. Giles stationed himself in the plant sciences building (south) nad not in the Biochem tower despite repeated urgings. Somewhat stung by the implication that areas he is in tend to be destroyed, he was armed only with an automatic, a "special" pistol, an Uzi submachine gun, six grenades, a detenator, a rocket launcher with six high explosive rounds, and a fruit knife ("just in case").

Richard arrives in the car, parks in the center of the courtyard and runs for cover in the observatory (east). Two of Charlotte's ghouls stand openly on guard.

Door to observatory found to be locked.

Richard attempts to quietly break in.

Door still locked, but since it is no longer attached to the building in anyway, does not impede Richard's progress.

People take up positions and wait.

Time passes.

A black shadow is seen entering the courtyard.

Ghouls open up with various weapons.

Black tentalces shoot out of the ground and immbolize the two ghouls in the open. Ghouls severely hurt.

Giles shoots the tentacles.

Black shape seen on top of the car.

Car is shot. Fuel tank explodes.

Peace reigns as the car burns merily.

Birds sing, plastic and glass melt, and Richard frenzies and heads for the parks (north).

A dark and evil presence is felt. Giles reports feeling very strogly that it was in the room with him.

Giles drops a grenade, and jumps out the window.

Estimation that combined weaponry in the room must have exploded. Combined blast takes out all the glass and much of the masonry from plant Sciences, the observatory, Chemisty, and other nearby buildings.

Charlotte's ghouls try to intercept Richard, to calm him down.

Charlotte joins her ghouls after frenzied munching is heard. Charlotte is heard to object. Confrontation. more frenzy - Charlotte is heard to fall over. Charlotte's bodyguard is heard to fire repeatedly. Silence.

Meanwhile Giles is still looking for traces of the enemy. A brief search locates a 10 foot high metal spider approxiamtely three feet away from him.

Charlotte decides to leave at this point, deserting Giles to his fate.

Giles sprays spider with burning liquid magnesium. Much burning.

Charlotte leaving, encounters Miriel and Chris, who are being blown off their bike by an unknown assailent. ?Thaumaturgy?

Spider gestures and turns Giles' pistols into burning liquid magnesium, thus ruining a perfectly good jacket. Giles is left without firearms.

Giles charges the spider and attacks with his fruitknife.

Much chaos is heard as Sabbat ghouls with heavy weapons start swarming the streets.

Spider gustures and Giles' eyeballs both suddenly burst.

Miriel and Chris start looking for Giles. Call his name.

Giles decides to leave, tries in vain to find help.

Sabbat ghoul's rocket launcher misfires, accidently hitting the biochem building and causing a curious spontaneous combustion which destroys almost the entire seven floor structure.

Giles follows a squeal of delight. Finds Miriel and Chris.

Everyone by this point attempts to leave.

Spider climbs high into the air Chris's estimite 30 feet above the chemistry building, in itself a five story structure.

Miriel, Chris and Giles flee through the Science musuem, past Keble and finally lose pursuit on St Giles.

Situation report

Black shadow figure - incinerated? A burnt figure was found near the remains of the car by the police. Forgery is possible, but it seems unlikely that the Sabbat wouls have had time to burn a body sufficently. A very similar shadow seen in the Sabbat caves had proved vulnerable to fire. Working hypothesis - same figure, now dead.

Spider - Still at large. Richard reports lurking in pychic form in Chrischurch. Seems invulnerable to exposives and fire.

Summary - Mission was a qualified success in that we lost no operatives while destroying one of the enemy. If we see more black tentacles I shall be depressed. Whether this was indeed the archbishop, or was simply sent by him, is less clear.

A great deal of Chaos was caused however. Sabbat appear to have rocket launchers in quantity, suggesting that the arms embargo came too late.

Hit and Run tactics strongly advised for next confrontation, and the sheer number of enemy ghouls encountered suggests that field confrontations ar no longer feasible.

The plan was very effective, and Richard should be commended for this. The execution was a little ragged. The fina;l withdrawl was both fast and effective and both Charlotte (fast) and Miriel and Chris (effective) should be thanked for this. I would also like to thank Miriel and Chris for their concern as to my safety.