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Giles' Report

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Aim : To talk to Raven
Purpose : To recover the books
Planning : Simon De Bret
Place : Mansfield



Arrive at Mansfeild at midnight.

Some strange group of Students still present.

Students leave.

Room - Simon, Giles, Chris, Miriel
elseswhere - Richard, Church

12.30 - time of meeting with Raven - no Raven

12.40 Still no Raven. Watches examined.

12.45 A belt consisting of plastic explosive appears around Simon's waist, placed by person or persons unknown. 30 second timer becomes a 29 second timer, then a 28 second and so on.

Church heard to pass comment on male genitalia

12.45 00.01secs
General motion.
Simon tries to work out what exactly is around his waist.
Chris and Miriel bravely leave the room to search for Raven. Despite their extreme speed, no sign.
Giles attempts to deactivate the bomb.

Simon establishes that
i) it's a bomb
ii) it's around his waist
iii) it's attached at the back by some kind of buckle....
iv) Which he can undo...
v) ....and some wires

Giles requests that Simon not pull on the detanator wires.

12.45 03.01 Giles sucessfully deactivates bomb, detaches it and returns to his seat.

Miriel and Chris, searching at an ever increasing distance from The room, are called back.

12.45 30.00 Bomb does not go off.
12.45 33.00 Chris and Miriel decide that Raven has gone, and return to the room.

<<Accurate timing abandoned.>>

Richard heard to fall off nearby tower.

Richard heard to fall onto nearby ground.

Simon explains Richard was placed there to snipe - with a rifle enchanted by the "leading Tremere of Oxford"

Gunshot heard from nearby Tower - bullet starts to travel.

Simon gets a premonition of danger, turns to leave.

Simon hit by bullet from gun enchanted by "leading Tremere of Oxford".

Simon falls to the floor, partly in the field of fire in the center of the room, and partly next to the door at the far end of the room.

Chris and Miriel bravely charge out to find Raven.

Giles dashes across field of fire to drag Simon to safety.

Giles dashes across field of fire to drag Simon's arm to safety.

Church heads up the inside of the Tower.
Richard heads up outside of Tower.

Richard finds abandoned gun, enchanted by the "leading Tremere of Oxford". No Raven

Richard heads down the Tower.

Further waiting for Raven in the Room.

Giles requests Raven to "stop messing about".

Church arrives at top of Tower. Finds no Raven.
Church heads down Tower.

Richard leaves.

Chris and Miriel wrap Simon De Bret, "leading Tremere of Oxford", in a peice of old carpet.

Church arrives at bottom of Tower.

Church leaves

Giles looks outside.

Raven threatens Giles with large sword.
Accusations of ambush are made, by both Giles and Raven.

Chris and Miriel appear, carrying large carpet containing "leading Tremere of Oxford"

They appear to object to the threatening of Giles.

Books are mentioned. Raven claims that as stolen property they are rightfully his.

Apologies are implied, but not actually mentioned.
Both parties act as though convinced of the other's good faith

Raven covets Giles' fruit knife.

Raven claims fruit knife is stolen property, and as such is rightfully his.

Allegations of hypocricy are mentioned.
Raven threatens Giles with large sword.
Giles declines to reveal all his contacts.
Raven threatens Giles with large sword.
Giles declines to relinquish fruit knife.
Raven threatens Giles with large sword.
The principle of confidentiality is discussed.
Raven threatens Giles with large sword.

Raven appears to leave.

Stake appears through Giles. Raven found not to have left.

Raven asks to be left with Giles.

Miriel threatens Raven with small crossbow.

Chris attempts to convince Miriel that right is might. Miriel fails to accept this well argued docrine, even when examples are provided.

Raven Provides example.
Raven threatens Miriel with large sword.

Miriel shoots Raven with Crossbow bolt enchanted by the "leading Tremere of Oxford"

Raven dodges.

Chris interposes himself between Miriel and large sword.

Raven jumps over Chris and attacks the offending crossbow.

Crossbow destroyed by large sword.

Chris convinces Miriel that this is a very good example.

Chris and Miriel leave, togeather with "leading Tremere of Oxford" wrapped in his carpet.

Raven and Giles have brief conversation.

Raven removes stake.

Raven and Giles have longer conversation.

Giles comes to terms with the loss of his fruit knife.

Raven leaves.

Giles fires gunshot.

Chris and Miriel bravely return. Yet again, they do not find Raven.

Giles collects "leading Tremere of Oxford" + carpet.

All parties depart.

Losses : Simon DeBray - torpor - now restored.
It was thought best that he retain the carpet.

Mission result
Qualified Sucess. Raven was talked to.
Objectives met
None. Books not returned.

Mission was somewhat imperiled by Raven's impression that we were going to try to "ambush" him. Why ambushing Raven would help return the books or why we would choose an open room in Mansfield for this purpose was not clear. However, relations were damaged to a great extent. Return of the books by Raven now appears unlikely.

It transpired in the conversation that Raven had been fed this misinformation by Clan Ventrue of this city. The identity of the trecherous party has been passed onto the Prince and it is expected that he will act towards her as he sees fit.