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Giles' Report

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- by Giles Rentre'

Mission Status : Failed

The plan. Team is to enter caves by sewers, destroy any opposition, and neutralise the site.

Armaments - Various guns, crossbow bolts (explosive and enchanted), Grenades, swords, knives, claws, teeth, alec's foot and Oganon the Rat.

Event log

Entered sewers - recent rain had caused severe flooding

Signs of black cloaked figure with red eyes following the group. Two attempts to ambush such.

Ambush 1 Giles and Archon
Archon breaks cover and gives chase. Archon fires first shots. Pursuit fails.

Ambush 2 Giles and Mieriel
Mieriel gives chase. Pursuit fails.

Arrival at cave.
Roughly 100 feet by 200 feet oval, with domed cealing 50 feet high. Most available surfaces covered (except floor) by arcane runes. Simon is unable to provide a useful identification.

Black tentacles attack. Kris and the Archon both hit. Archon neutralises tentacle. Giles destroys remaining tentacles before other kindred can be attacked.
Kris frenzies and attacks Giles. Giles seeks to evade and in doing so does not properly defend himself. Giles maimed by claws. Alec "restrains" Kris. Severe Damage to Kris. Giles refuses invitation by Alec to return to the surface.

At the end of the cave an opening is found into an area of darkness. Opening is blocked by a wall of heat.

Wall of heat drops.

Balck cloaked figure appears near the entrance. Giles fires on figure who ducks away.

Organon is sent in to darkness to scout.

Organon consumed by large mutated black ridged canine, which then charges the team.

Dog dies under hail of gunfire.

Emily advances cautiously. Silver advances rapidly. Area is apparently of magical darkness as even gleaming red eyes of gangrel can not pentrate more than a few feet.

Gunfire heard. Emily shot. Silver jumped by a "dark blacky thing". As Silver fights, a figure dresses entirely in black jumps out, fires and moves rapidly across the cealing. Hail of gunfire fails to kill figure. Figure decides on more conventional ground- based movement.

black cloaked figure enters cave from sewer entrance.

Figure dressed in black apparently recognises Giles and shoots at him.
Giles sprays figure at point blank range with a burning liquid magnesium concotion of his own invention. Figure falls to the ground covered in blazing liquid magnesium. Figure looks dead.
Giles feels threatened by close proximity of such and "withdraws to previously prepared positions" in the sewer as fast as he can.

Simon incants at black cloaked figure who screams and runs out into the sewer again.

Kris shoots burning figure as it lies there. Figure looks more dead.

Archon braves the flames to slice figure's head from sholders. Figure generally acknowledged to be dead.

Meanwhile Emily enters darkness after Silver. Sounds of distress from Emily and frenzied roaring sounds from Silver. Rending sounds.

Black tentacles shoot out of sewer walls and grab Giles. Brief battle. Giles shoots tentacles after they attempt to rip him limb from limb. Attempt partially sucessful. Giles fishes around in Sewer water to recover shotgun, right arm and left leg.

Black cloaked figure, still running, appears. Giles drops grenade and hides around corner. Boom. Black cloaked figure enters torpor.

Meanwhile, back in the darkness. Tempo of fight involving Emily and Silver changes. Silver is heard to cohearently request help. Fenzied growls are heard from Emily. More rending sounds.
Archon enters darkness in order to investigate.

Giles reneters cave dragging body of inactivated black cloaked figure. Black cloaked figure is identifed.

At this point a large figure, bipedal and approx 10 feet tall appears at cave mouth. The fact that its principle and indeed only composition appears to be of fire causes some comment. Giles attempts to use explosive to shower sewer water on creature. Partial success, much hissing, but no obvious damage.

Fire creature advances. Shoots toungue of flame at Mirirel. Burning Miriel decides to investigate the underwater sections of the sewer firsthand.

Surfaces with much relief to find several hundred thousand insects advancing down the Sewer, effectively blocking off any retreat from the cave.

Giles uses phospherous grenade to hold off insectoid swarm, killing both many insects and any hope of an escape in the near future.

Archon hears movement in the darkness and sprays it with gunfire.

Emily (fighting in the darkness) hit by gunfire from an as yet unknown assailent.

(Runes in cave are now glowing brightly.)

Simon takes position at the sewer entrance and starts to spray insecticide into the swarm.

Giles attempts to destroy runes using gunfire. One (1) rune sucessfully destroyed. Only 199 to go.

Alec left to play with fire creature. Comments about parantage exchanged between team members at this point.

Sounds of combat in darkness stopped. Niether Emily nor silver can be heard.

Giles introduces an explosive grenade into this otherwise dull situation.

Emily heard to be upset.

Emily heard to be attacked. Assistance strenously requested.

Archon enters darkness with sword drawn.

Sounds of someone hacking repeatedly with a sharp intrument coming from Archon's last known location.

Still louder requests for backup from Emily in a _different_ location.

Giles enters darkness and heads for Emily.

Emily Claims to be "ok" and runs for the cave. Giles heads towards Last known location of archon.

Giles finds remains of Archon. Emily attacked before leaving darkness - requests help again.

Giles heads towards Emily again.

Emily enters torpor?. Giles reaches point where Emily called for help.

Giles attacked by tentacled monstrosity. Long and severe battle. Giles crippled. Targeted pistol work severs one tentacle long enough to break free. Giles heads for light with Emily's ankle as a souvenir.

Emily's ankle is fortunatley still attached to Emily.
Tentacled monstrosity fortunately not still attached to Emily.

Kindred spread out to avoid fire creature still at large.

Kris frenzies and attacked Miriel.
Kris pins miriel.
Kris bears fangs.
Giles blows the back of Kris' head down his throat.
Kris enters torpor - is laid alongside black cloaked figure and Emily.

Giles attempts to plant explosive on the side of the cave. Fire creature attacks Giles.
Giles now suffering from too great a structural defciet to move in a rapid fashion. Alec takes it upon himself to move Giles rapidly out of the path of incoming fire bolts.

By this fashion, Alec and Giles attempt to lay the rest of the explosives.

Wall proves too solid - impervious to explosive charges of a safe size. Unsafe sizes considered too dangerous as the shockwave would immbolize all but the fire creature.

Mireil charges apst Simon and through the insects into the sewer beyond. Simon and Giles follow suit. Torpor victims dragged along.

Alec charges in the opposite direction into the darkness. Fenzied growling heard.

The team only encountered minor resistance on the way out in the form of two ghouls. Mirel simply did not stop and suffered little damage. Simon incanted again. Giles unfortunately choose to use a rifle on full auto-fire at point blank range. The team's clothes were later deemed uncleanable and had to be burned.

Final accounting.


Heavy losses for the death of only one of the enemy

Failure due to chaotic nature of team, and total lack of intelligence. The inclusion of those known to have problems with self control proved more of a liability than an asset.

Intelligence has now been gained and a second encounter, although dangerous, is likely to be more straightforward. Fire extinguishers should probably feature, as should darkness counter measures and (personal recommendation) at least one rocket launcher, and preferably three.

This account is not intended to be entirely accurate. As those presently in torpor are questioned, more information may come to light.

Yours sincerely

Giles Rentre