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Just a note somewhere, which no-one will read...

My dear friends, as per your request;
The current state of the world:

North America and Canada:
Following Lorenzo Giovanni's sacrifice, the city of Oxford, began to put its problems behind it. The world appeared to do the same, as the balance of power moved firmly into the grasp of the Camarilla. North America saw bastions of Sabbat and Anarch pow er destroyed by the forces of the Justicars, newly restored to their full numbers. The only notable casualty of the Camarilla was the death of Michale D'ssante, Justicar Ventrue, at the hands of the Seraph Thomas Dragonslayer during the last battles whic h forced the Sabbat's retreat from New York. He was swiftly replaced by Justicar Michael Antonius Jocastacius, cousin to to Thomas Michael Jocastacius of the Inner Council. Los Angeles has also been returned to the fold, and those few Anarchs who escaped the purge of the city have scattered to the winds. With so many lines of Kindred scattered and uncertain, the identities of wanderers have come into question. Some Princes declare those who cannot prove themselves Caitiff, but the Camarilla frowns on this. All sins will be forgiven, state the Justicars, if you will join us, and believe us. The Anarchs may yet exist in numbers. There are also rumours, of a Gangrel Messiah d eclaring himself in San Franciso, a prohet for this new age, and of contact being lost with cities across Canada. Vancouver, once the city of peace, haven to all, no longer speaks to the world. Some look to Russia and wonder.

Across Europe, the rebuilding process began, as stock was taken of the damage done by the brief, violent, conflict with the Assamites. Many cities found themselves lacking the undead rulers who had lived in the shadows for centuries. A new wave of Proge ny spread across the first continent of the Kindred, as Elders sought to take advantage of the power vaccum. Clan Tremere gained ground strongly, nowhere more so than in Germany, where the death of Berlin left a country reeling. France remained a strongho ld of the Toreador, particually in Paris, where Francois Villon ruled seemingly untouched by events outside. Switzerland has seen some of the most dramatic change, with th Giovanni and Ventrue forming an unprecedented alliance to undermine the control of the Brujah, and, it is whispered, the Inconnu. The truth of the matter remains uncertain. Elsewhere, those watchers who decry the nature of Kindred society as unchanging and stale have new fuel for their arguments; though faces change, politics remain the same. The games of the Camarilla continue apace, with but a few factions removed; who could threaten them here? Russia keeps her silence.

The Middle East:
These nations, and their Kindred, bear the scars of the recent battles against the Camarilla. Missile strikes have devestated once populous regions to give credence to the fight against 'terrorism', that illusion the Kindred use to disguise their wars. Threats of nuclear strikes against the hearlands of the Assamites have faded away, but memory does not vanish so easily, and the Kine here now have good reason to bear grudges against the West. There are said to be vampires native to these parts who are n ot descended from Caine, and who regarded the Kindred as nothing more than an irrelevance. Whether they will maintain their neutrality now is open to question. At the height of the battle with the Assamites, when the Camarilla threatened the Middle East with nuclear bombardment, Russian diplomats argued against it. They held out the threat of Russias own weapons as deterrant.

China and Hong Kong:
The Eastern Kindred have refused contact for millennia. They have not changed; weeks before the transfer of Hong Kong was to take place, a virulent disease broke out, infecting the Kindred inhabitants. It caused bleeding, frenzy, final death. Some Kindr ed escaped, transferring the disease to others before they died. It struck several cities around the world, the most severe case of which existed in Oxford. The Tremere provided a means to cure the disease, and a natural cure was found in the blood of a G angrel of the city of dreaming spires. Hong Kong remains, supposedly uninhabited by the Kindred of all kinds.

Devestated not only by the war against the Assamites, but also by a full conflict with the Garou, England's Kindred have suffered almost every possible travail in the last year. Whole cities were stripped bear of their Kindred - Cambridge, Bristol, South hampton, and almost all of Scotland. In others, only a few of the old guard remained; Newcastle and Manchester, once centers of Kindred control, are now inhabited by the young, eager to regain control over newly rebuilt cities. Urban expansion, into area s devestated by the Garou war, has continued apace, and keeping track of the new childer is oftentimes impossible. The kine are also in shock - almost everyone has lost a friend or loved one to the attacks, disguised as terrorism. Thanks to the efforts of the elders, most notably Madame, Nosferatu head of the Inner Council, the cities are beginning to get back on their feet, however, only four of true power remain, and they are very different.
Birmingham is the sole stronghold of the Sabbat in England; while it survived attacks seemingly unscathed, it has made no moves on any other cities in England. Perhaps its Archbishop, the flamboyant Jack, has mellowed in his old age...
Brighton is the opposite, a city where the rules of the Camarilla are harshly enforced by its Prince, Josekh Michael Jocastacius of the Ventrue. It is as strong as ever, but unappealing to many, owing to the stringency of the rules which the Kindred mu st live their life by.
London should still be in chaos, as it is still only four months since over a hundred of its Kindred died against the Garou. The will of a King is strong, though, and Mithras is mighty indeed. His progeny have travelled to many other cities, and every P rince in England (it is rumoured) has sworn allegiance directly to him. The Justicars turn a blind eye. Lady Anne Bowsley serves as his second, although it is Michael Joseph Jocastacius who serves as his Primogen for the Ventrue.
Oxford is perhaps more intruiging yet. It is a city wherein a methuselah has arisen, and it has survived. It has lost Prince after Prince to destruction, and gained in numbers. Kindred have breached the masquerade and been dispatched, been slain as they slept in their havens, yet it has grown. Rumours speak of the Tremere chantry been destroyed by some horrific magickal attack, of deals made by some in the city with dark forces. The Archon there has been charged with the murder of a Prince of his own Cl an, some claim the Kindred there made common cause with, or were members of, the Sabbat, and a member of the family Giovanni who is not of that Clan resides there. Only one thing is certain.
They have a friend in me.
In the weeks to come, cities will burn,
goodbye for now, my childer