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Election Procedure

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RPGSOC Members: The following is a document outlining the procedure we'll be using to organize the nomination and election of Committee Members for the coming year. Elections will be held at the AGM, on Sunday, 9 March 1997, as on the termcard.

For more information on the duties of different officers, talk to any current or former Committee members, who are willing to tell you about what they've done in that post.

Instrument to clarify the Constitution, Hilary Term 1997.

Voting Procedure for AGM

The means by which officers of the Society shall be elected shall be as follows:

* a) Candidates shall be selected by self-nomination. One seconder is required, and must be a full society member, as stated in article 3(V) if the Constitution. (Note: a full society member is one who is also a member of Oxford University. This is necessary, due to Proctorial Regulations.) It is requested that candidates should make themselves known to the President by 9 am on the Friday of the Sixth Week of Full Term preceding the AGM.

* b) If no candidate has approached the President by this time, the President reserves the right to reopen nominations for a further period.

* c)
* I) Proposition and seconding must be in writing.
* II) Candidates may stand for multiple posts, and should specify all posts they would be willing to fill in their original statement of intent to the President.

* d) Votes will be tallied by the President and by a returning officer to be appointed at the AGM. Both full and unofficial members of the Society shall be entitled to vote.

* e)
* I) In the case of two candidates or fewer for a post, voting shall be by means of simple majority. This will be by written secret ballot.
* II) In the case of more than two candidates for a post, voting shall be by written means and secret ballot. If there is no overall majority held by any candidate after the first vote, the candidates with the fewest votes shall be excluded and a second ballot held. This procedure shall be repeated until either a candidate is elected by majority or item e(I) above applies.

* f) Candidates do not need to be present at the AGM, but cannot be nominated and elected at the AGM without their consent. Candidates may withdraw from any election at any point before the vote takes place.

* g) Absentee ballots shall be allowed, and will be taken into account in the tallying of the votes. Proxy voting shall not be allowed.

* h) Voting for officer ships shall be in this order:
* I) President, Secretary, Treasurer
* II) Other officers of the Society.

Many thanks to Corinne Berg for her help in drawing up this procedure...