Team Generation Information

Each team must consist of five characters, one played by each of the five players involved. Each player should design their own character using the simple system below. Of course as well as sorting out the numbers your character should have a name, a description and optionally a bit of background. Gold Team recruits from all nationalities, but normally recruits already have some special forces experience. Note that silly character names and implausible backgrounds will be disallowed by the referees !

Character Generation Information

Each character has five stats :

Each stat automatically starts at 10%. You have 250 points to split between the five stats. Each point allocated to a stat raises it by 1%. There is no upper limit, but stats over 100% are seldom extra useful in practise.

As well as spending points on the five stats above, some may be set aside to spend on special skills. Each special skill costs 75 points.

Demolitions : Expertise is the use of explosives in a precise and controlled manner. Any member of Gold Team can use explosives to some extent, but usually only as a crude weapon.

Security Systems : Detailed knowledge of techniques relating to all forms of security, from mechanical locks to state of the art electronic systems.

Vehicle Operations : Represents full training in the use of a wide range of modern vehicles. Also includes experience in the use of vehicle mounted weaponry.

Technician : Represents a range of skills from electronic engineering to field repair of armoured vehicles. Also includes experience of most modern computing systems.

Lastly, you need to decide your character's rank within Gold Team. Refer to the separate list of Gold Team ranks.

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