The History of Gold Team

In the year 2000 a summit meeting of the United Nations took place in the city of Portland, Oregon. During the week long talks extensive discussions took place concerning the issue of international crime. As a result of those talks dramatic new developments took place in cooperative crime fighting which led to the formation, in January 2002, of Gold Team the world's first international special forces unit. The new force was granted wide ranging powers and privileges and became fully operational by July 2002.

Initially Gold Team was primarily intended to overcome the problems inherent in dealing with crime (particularly terrorism) which crossed the borders between nations. However by 2005 Gold Team began to establish a reputation as the elite of the elite - they were the force who could succeed where others had failed. This reputation fuelled their success as as some of the finest soldiers from across the world signed up, wanting to become a part of the legend.

Now the year is 2011. Recently Gold Team achieved its most spectacular success to date with the defeat of the Columbian crime baron Andre Nuchega. They made front page news throughout the world. As a result of this success, the team is now better trained and better equipped than ever before, ready to face any threat in the years ahead.

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