Mission Log : New Mexico - 01:33, September 12th 2008

"Alpha group, report."

"Harris, Jones, Fenwick and O'Brian in position. The East guard is keeping an eye on the entrance, he's looking for the new shift."

"Good. Beta group, report."

"Parrish, McGinty, Smith and Ford in position. We have clear ground between us and the edge of the building, as soon as the guard moves we can reach the windows inside of twenty seconds."

"OK. The change-over is due now. They are unlikely to have precise timing, so just hold steady. Wait... I can see movement at the front of the building, ready to move on my mark. MARK !"

"The guard is down, Alpha group moving forward."

"Parrish look to your left, they're opening the side doors."

"Jones look out !"

"Jones is down, but I've taken the guard out properly this time. We will pick him up on the way back to..."

"This is Parrish gaining upper hallway... Christ ... they're pouring out of the rooms. They are dozens of the bastards.."

"Pull out Beta group, PULL OUT ! Alpha group give them covering fire."


"Alpha group, acknowledge ?"

"This is Jones... mines... they're gone, I'm trying to..."

"Beta group get OUT of there !"

"Ford, run for it, I'll cover you."


"Beta group, pull back to the camp, we'll move out immediately."


"Who's left ?"

"Parrish and Smith, sir."

Log ends. 01:41, September 12th 2008
Gold Team assigned to mission : 02:14, September 12th 2008
Case closed : 05:44, September 12th 2008
Refer to Gold Team file 'S2008-NMS-TS0416' for details.
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