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The Archive contains information that is irrelevant or out of date, but still may be of use to someone:

The Archive

* Mailing list archives

* Old termcards:

FLRP... Brandel, the Society's long-running FLRP game, now replaced by Nocturne. There is also some really old Brandel stuff.

INC.... Player information is still available for INC, the 1999-2000 Society Game.

Imagister... Imagister was the Society game for the year 1998-9. Information is available for Imagister 1 and Imagister 2.

ICON The space opera society game for 1997-8, ICON. Also available are details on the shorter Trinity 97 game

Inferno  - The inferno page describes the 1996-7 society game. This was a huge 'steampunk and sorcery' illuminati game, believe it or not. Take a look if you want to find out more. Still available is the players list.

* Inferno 1 information.

* Pantheon 1 players list.

* Pantheon 2 players list.

Degeneration Old information from the live-action vampire games degeneration, Wessex and Refraction.

Gold Team Dom and Dawn Camus ran a Charity Game in Hilary 98.

* The rules for Magic: The Lactose Intolerance, the Magic: The Gathering tournament run by Mark Boyes, as well as the rules and results of the previous tournament.

* Information on Archmage and Archmage II.

* Take a look at the committee voting rules, as used to elect the current committee.

* Irrelevant artwork by Al Halsby.

* Gooseberry free zone.