Pantheon Players List

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* This is the list of players in Pantheon, the big society game. If you want more information on the game, see the termcard.

If anything needs fixing or I have missed someone's email, then contact me.

I few people are missing email because I could not remember their addresses. Oh well... ;)

The Players List

Name       Player     Location  Description
----       ------     --------  -----------
Acarya     Dave       A   Enlightenment
Aestherion Neal       G   God of Poesy (NOT poetry)
Ahtep-Set  Alistair J E   War God and Patron of Lower Egypt
Anderida   Kathy      AEG Goddess of The Sea
Arralethe  Vicky      EG  Decadence and Corruption
Auren      Dom        AEG The Soul Weaver
Bonzo      Matt N     G   Trickster God
Caprice    Sarah      AG  Goddess of Inspriration
DEATH      Al         AEG GM - St Catz
DESTINY    Jon        AEG GM - St John's
Dios       Ian        E   Head of Enightened Fellowship
Euphrates  Mike       A   The River God
Euthydike  Kate       G   Athenian Goddess of Justice
GAIA       Reuben     AEG GM - Wadham
Gandini    Dan        AEG Making work for idle hands
Ismene     Dawn       AEG Goddess of Fate (sometimes worshipped by thieves)
Jethro     Rob        AEG Crops & Storms. Protector of the common man.
Kalistes   Andrew H   AG  Trade, Merchants and Sailors
Karnak     Andrew L   AE  Absorption of pain
Kathan     Martin     A   God of the Road
Kinet      John R     E   God of Trade
Krakatoa   Milo       AE  God of Ganja (and others)
Luck       Marcus     AEG Luck
March      Matt M     AEG God of Freedom & Personal Happiness
(nameless) Ralph      AEG (unknown)
Minax      Frances    AEG "Patroness of the Psychologically Adventurous"
Morphea    Emma       AEG Dreams and the subconscious
Muse       Hanbury    EG  Music
Nemesis    Kat        G   Revenge and Divine Retribution
Nike       Jez        G   Victory
Progress   Mark C     E   Mad-looking old bloke known as "Mr Rumblesly"
Sildress   Matthew G  G   Creative Beauty
Solinor    Chris F    G   Look, just ask Chris OK?
Thai-Shan  Glyn       A   The Sacred Mountain
Tom        Tony       AEG God of all Creation, particularly on Thursdays
Xakob      Mark B     AEG God of Small Gods