The stereotypical view (and one held by many of the other kindred) of a Brujah is of a rebel, usually aggressive in their expression of individuality and independence from others of their blood. It is considered to be the most disorganised and loosely knit of the clans.

Many in recent decades have felt that the Brujah have lost their way. Many are concerned about the latest rash of thoughtless, trigger happy Brujah plaguing the inner cities. These "many" are heavily populated by the elder Brujah, those who remember the roots of their clan and the ideals they hold dear.

The oldest and most respectable bloodlines within this clan direct their energy in other directions than violence for its own sake. This clan was instrumental in bringing about the end of dark ages across Europe, disseminating the rediscovered knowledge of Ancient Greece held in Toledo. They used this to fight against those who believed that the Kine should be kept in ignorance; the Brujah found it unacceptable to remove the ability of the people to think for themselves by enforced ignorance. The Brujah were behind the formation of the University of Paris, the first of such an institution. When the Church, fearful of the influence that it was losing in the wake of enlightenment, tried to ban Logic and other advanced teachings the Brujah guardians encouraged the students to strike for no less than five years! With the fierce will and passion for freedom of the Brujah supporting them, the students prevailed and the Church lost the first battle to maintain a populace of the blind faithful.

The Brujah took this movement to England, and oversaw the establishment of Oxford University, moving carefully through the small monastry at its genesis, encouraging those within to push the boundaries of established thought, and carefully nurturing it to become a magnet for the most promising young minds of the country. This attracted the Tremere, who began to recruit from these brilliant young men, thus beginning a fierce antagonism in Oxford between the two clans that is maintained to this day.

Later the church moved again, fighting against the spreading free thought in Europe in a movement against heretics that was to become the Inquisition. Persecuted by the mortals that they once thought they controlled, many Elders, determined to hang on to their un-life at any costs, chose to hurl their blood bound Childer into battle against their mortal persecutors, sacrificing them as a living shield. Many Childer were treated as little better than expendable slaves for their masters to control. It was the young Brujah in Spain, spurred on by their pride in their role in discovering the knowledge in Toledo, who first found the strength, and passion, to stand up against the blood bonds, and overthrow their masters. These Brujah were the seed from which the Autarkis movement was to grow, creating the great Kindred war that forced the formation of the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

The Brujah always select their progeny from the most strong willed, the most passionate. This can manifest in many different ways, from the scientist, fighting to conduct research contrary to the accepted "truth", to the novelist pushing the boundaries of censorship. Indeed, many of the youngest amongst the Brujah see the internet as the last battle ground for freedom of expression.

Some of the bloodlines have diverged away from the idealistic views of the elder Brujah, and are being drawn into spirals of mindless violence and rivalry. This has been particularly prevalent in London during the past 150 years. Those caught up in such feuds have started to embrace neonates drawn from those fuelled by aggressive expressions of their outrage, rather than those who rally against the system using more intellectual methods of persuasion. Some are merely used to continue the feuds down the generations, others as sheer support in numbers. These are a source of embarrassment for the elders, and when such young Kindred find themselves away from the relatively safe manipulation of their sires, life can be difficult for them.

Occasionally, it has been known for another to take pity upon such misguided youth, and educate them in others methods of rebellion, but this is rare.

What you need to consider when creating a Brujah character:
The things that drives you on through life, that which gets you up in the morning and keeps you awake into the small hours in one of the most criticaldecisions to make. There are a wide range of possible backgrounds and reasons for why you were brought into the clan, it doesn’t just have to be the Angry Young Man or the Gun Bunny!

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