Good Evening!

'Good Evening!' is the Wessex Kindred 'gossip column'. It has been appearing approximately once a month for around a century now. Its place in kindred society is not entirely clear - it has no official status, could be considered a threat to the Masquerade, and no one knows the author. No one ever admits to reading it, but absolutely everyone who wishes to keep up with politics and society does.

Its author, Ubiquity, is believed to be a reclusive Toreador living somewhere in Wessex, who, rather than keeping up with the social scene himself, instead delights on commenting from afar. No one meets him, no one gets in touch with him, no one is even clear exactly how the small pile of copies of 'Good Evening!' end up in each of the cities each month. It is tolerated because it does serve the very useful function of keeping everyone informed about the current state of the social scene. The influence of 'Good Evening!' has certainly grown so that a bad write up can now have quite an impact on one's status, but then it generally only ever reports what everyone else is saying anyway. The author is certainly well informed - and there are certainly rumours that Elders are not above 'tipping off' the author about disputes.

Please note again that no one is going to admit to having read this 'rag'. Subtle hints to its content might be appreciated (particularly when made at someone else's expense), but it would be social death to begin ranting about something that has been said about you. Everyone acts as if they are entirely 'above' such petty little things. But everyone reads it avidly. Anyone living anywhere civilised in Wessex (i.e. not Bristol) may consider they have access to a copy..

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