June issue of Good Evening!

by Ubiquity

Must be brief this month, darlings, so much to do, so may people to speak to, so much to hear! But do not fear, herein you will find all the essentials of what you simply must know!
Wasn't the Portsmouth bash just lovely, darlings? How long has it been since we've had such lovely baubles and pretty little things to inspect at a Conclave? And of course the treasure was marvellous too!

Sweetest Elizabeth was certainly on fine form, obviously terribly proud of all the attention her treasure was getting. They certainly made her little eyes glisten with excitement. Said one young wit "She certainly seems to be enjoying her spell as a museum curator. She reminds me rather of a fishwife hawking her wares."

Of course its been too long since we had a Debutante ball, so what everyone wants to know is - how did the little chap work out? Well, naturally Simon Watkins seemed to be just a little bit nervous, but really he had no need to be - the praise for him just kept pouring in: he was variously described as 'pleasant', 'acceptable', 'nice' some even going so far as to describe him as 'agreeable'. So he's made quite an impact with us all! Benedict really has managed to attain at the very least his usual standard.
How simply divine to be visited by York once again - too long since we've heard from that lovely city of the north. The invitation for two visitors was sure to set everyone all a flutter! How lucky that the Tremere had a place reserved for them, and the delightful Mr Graystone was given first choice in making the epic journey up north.

My spies tell me that there was quite some 'discussion' as to who was to take the other place. At first it was said that the charming young Ventrue Estella Danz would be accompanying Mr Graystone, but much to all our surprise there was a sudden change of opinion, and excitingly dashing Takamatsu got to go instead! What happened? Sure Miss Danz did nothing to offend? Well, according to my spies there was a wonderfully 'straightforward' conversation between the Royal Primogen's of Brujah, Ventrue and Toreador, and at the end of it the decision had been changed. Clearly forceful arguments were put forward as to what was best for the whole of Wessex.

With Mike 'raised by puppies' Fibbins still trying hard to remember not to turn around three times before he sits down, it seems that animal behaviour is becoming the new fashion. Simon Watkins interpreted Clara's desire to greet him 'aux Francais' as an invitation to a bear hug! Well, perhaps a kiss on each cheek is a little too cosmopolitan an idea to have reached the backwaters of Portsmouth!
That delightful 'humorist' the Marquis seems to have received a cool reception to his latest masterwork. The little video he showed at the Conclave seems to have irritated a few people. One has to say it's nice of Benedict to organise the showing of such a piece in his Conclave - obviously he's rather more open to these modern forms of artwork than we expected. My spies tell me that it was actually Benedict who lead the applause at the end of the piece - I'm certain he couldn't have been displaying anything as disgustingly modern and vulgar as irony, so one must assume he genuinely enjoyed the piece!

No matter, the rest of the Toreador are as on the ball as always - Jennifer was heard to say immediately after the film, with a great air of discovery, that she thought 'there had been some contact between Imogen and the Marquis'. Really dear, how do you spot these things?

How sad to see that Grace was too busy socialising to find much time to spend with young Mr Lee Alexander at this meeting. I do hope the young man wasn't feeling too neglected. But no doubt with his redoubtable charm he'll find some attention to keep him occupied soon.
Is something wrong in the life of lovely Steven Finch? Suddenly screaming and dashing around the place doesn't seem to be the behaviour of a man entirely at home with himself. Perhaps someone should step in and take care of the poor lad, and keep the nightmares away from him.
Wasn't Elizabeth's idea of a Haiku competition just delightful? So nice that the Kindred of Wessex were given an opportunity to show off their talents and word play. Isn't it lovely that Elizabeth wasn't at all put off by the potential status minefield of awarding a gift to but one Kindred when surrounded by so many who were so clearly talented and well connected? Well, I'm sure the lovely Clara won't feel at all disappointed that the obvious talent of her own bloodline wasn't acknowledged by the final outcome.

But step forward that man Lee Alexander! Elizabeth acknowledged his clear talents by awarding him the pretty brooch as a prize. He seemed more than content to walk away with the prize, although am I right in thinking that the delightful Grace forgot to congratulate the dear boy? However, Elizabeth seems quite taken with the young mans approach to poetry - I wonder, would you say the Haiku of Lee Alexander was a modern interpretation of the form, or a rather traditional rendition of a set pattern? So difficult to say - I really should ask Elizabeth and Grace for their expert advice.

Nice to know that Mr Graystone has eclectic tastes. Too many of us are put off people because they are ugly, revolting to be around, or they smell funny. Not our Mr Graystone who seemed more than happy to escort the lovely Maevebd to the post conclave party. Little piece of advice for you, Graystone darling, apparently Bleach will chase away the smell in only a day or two!
How lovely to be treated to two arts festivals this month! Of course, there was no question of any competition between them, as we all know that Southampton and Portsmouth have the very friendliest of rivalries! And a good job really, as I'm sure Benedict wouldn't want to think he had come off second best in some kind of competition - the two events were clearly designed to be complimentary, with Southampton taking the lions share of the limelight, and Portsmouth being an excellent complement to it.

How nice of the Toreador to the leave the organisation of such things to Clans Ventrue and Malkavian. Ventrue clearly have the reputation for making things happen, but the our friendly Mr Sexton surprised us all!
Perhaps it's true what they say about the artistic minds not being terribly good to getting down to making things happen!

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