The Status Fairy Speaks

A few words on what's in and what's out, what's up and what's down, and what's being said about whom.

Going up:
Antonius Dashwood; because his really very important grand-sire came all the way to Wessex just to see him!
Takamatsu; for being singled out by at least two Royal Primogen to represent Wessex to York, and an for being an excellent constable of Oxford; bet that little incident in Oxford wouldn't have happened if he'd been around to prevent it.
Greystone: for also being chosen to go to York.
Southampton: for an immensely successful Arts Festival.

Going down:
Portsmouth: for a much less impressive Arts Festival.
Oxford: for that little incident which somehow got through Marion's security 'crackdown' (Did you hear? Some kind of fracas. Was it the Sabbat?)
The Marquis: for his obviously intentional insult to all present at the Portsmouth Ball, and his voiced threat to break the Masquerade; hanging's too good for him. He can't be long for the world.
Imogen: for being utterly humiliated as the lead in the Marquis' snuff movie; will she ever escape the certain social death of being involved in a dispay of violence at a Toreador event?
Benedict and Gregor: for apparently failing to do anything at all about said snuff movie/insult to all present/threat to break the Masquerade, Benedict being responsible because it was his meeting, Gregor because the Marquis is his subject.
Clan Ventrue: for failing to get a representative on the trip to York, for one of their number collapsing at Portsmouth, and what is happening to Walter Tirel?
Sebastian Rivers: he's the childe of the Gangrel Primogen of Southampton, but where's he been for the last few months, and why doesn't he want to talk about it?

What's being said about whom...
Marion, McPherson and Takamatsu handled the bomb scare well last month. So how did that assault get through the Oxford security crackdown?
Elizabeth and Benedict are in Cormiac's good books for presenting the Portsmouth treasures. But where will they be placed in the long run? And what's George Lambert's connection to them?
The debutant Simon Watkins has been consistently damned with faint praise.
Is Walter Tirel losing his touch? The Ventrue pride themselves on their ability to outmaneuver anybody, but they seem to have been outmaneuvered over York... And poor Estella was *so* looking forward to it. Still, Grace herself chose to do her the enormous favour of attending her Arts Festival. But it might be wise for Estella to work on her ettiquette a little before she aims so high again; her abilites as a hostess could use a little work.
Grace seems to have decided the attention of her young friends can be a little crowding; some always said Lee Alixander was a little too clingy, and now he seems to have fallen from grace (excuse the pun). It must have been that slightly too flattering haiku he gave Elizabeth. Not even he's pretty enough to please both of them at once. Still, he can console himself wih his invitation to Scotland.
Mike seems to be improving, but why is Christi-Ann so interested in him?
After the Marquis' recent activities, shouldn't Portsmouth be concerned that their arts festival has been organised by a Malkavian? Southampton had the sense to leave the art to the Toreador and the organisation to the Ventrue.
No sign of Elizabeth at the Southampton festival, but then you wouldn't expect a Toreador elder to attend a party hosted by a Ventrue neonate. Strange that Grace should deign to involve herself. Or perhaps she's finally found her level.
The Ventrue organised arts festival in Southampton was certainly a success - they should feel themselves indebted to the Toreador for getting involved and making sure it went as well as it did. Without Toreador involvement such events can fall a little flat - as Sexton may have found out to his cost. With the Toreador able to make or break such events by giving or withholding their support, it's a brave individual who tries to organise such things without being certain they are on the Toreador A-list. Estella might consider herself lucky that she gained such support. Becoming involved in such events without sufficient reputation would normally lead to being horribly snubbed by those who know better.

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