Introduction and History

Misanthropic loners, careless of themselves and others, bitter about their own Embrace and the agonies of form and spirit it has imposed upon them, interested only in building up knowledge with which to spite the other Clans. This is a traditional view of the Nosferatu, but although there are those who fit in with the stereotype, there are many more who have cleared their own paths in kindred society and gained the respect of their own and other Clans. They are advisors, information brokers, mediators, rarely taking sides en masse in any debate. Nosferatu are made hideous by their embrace, stronger than most other Kindred but malformed in various ways, some more extreme than others. There is no way that they could be mistaken for fully human any more, and that is their tragedy. However, it is also their strength.

The Nosferatu are perhaps a more closely knit clan than any except the Tremere, and have a vast freedom of thought and movement. Loyalty and obedience may be virtues - those more valued by Clan Nosferatu are conviction and independence. Although the clan might ask an individual Nosferatu for aid, unless the situation were extreme it would be truly a request rather than an order, and few would take insult at a refusal. They obviously have systems of contact which are out of the ordinary, and Nosferatu have been known to receive information from across the world in minutes, from within besieged cities and even in daytime... Their decisions as to whether to share information are based on clan debate and personal belief. It is believed that the older a Nosferatu becomes, the more secrets they are able to learn, because they are trusted by the Clan elders to use them for the benefit of Nosferatu society.

In the modern day the Nosferatu have many more methods of keeping in touch and getting information. The Clan elders are known to be keen on utilising all of these, and there are rumours that they have actively been looking for suitable childer from the new generations of kine.

There are Nosferatu antitribu, but the Clan has never been seen to move against them, and there have even been rumours of some friendly contact between members of the same Clan and their antitribu. Clan Nosferatu has never seen fit to deny these rumours, claiming that they will be satisfied with knowledge whilst the other clans thrive on supposition.

What you need to consider when creating a Nosferatu character:
The Nosferatu clan disadvantage, which warps the physical form into a monstrosity, is traumatic for anyone Embraced into the clan, and rarely will childer be allowed into Kindred society immediately before being reconciled to their new existence.

Nosferatu look for potential in their childer, which can be of many forms - moral, intellectual, achievement based - almost anything which does not rely solely on charisma and personal interaction, although the rumours that Nosferatu can embrace mortals as punishment for personal pride or as salvation for the afflicted are known to have been proven in some cases. They are unlikely to give the Embrace to anyone who would not survive their physical transformation in relative sanity.

The Nosferatu in Wessex

The Clan has had a presence in Wessex since before the kingdom was secured under Caradoc, and have always actively supported his rule. There are Nosferatu who act as advisors to each of the Princes in Oxford, Portsmouth and Southampton. It is unclear how much they are influenced by the desires of their Clan, and unclear how much they are trusted by their Princes. The Nosferatu have always opposed the idea of conflict with Mercia.

Outside England, there are strong Nosferatu connections in Greece and Italy.

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